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Wine in Place and Time

Wine in Place and Time

I’m enjoying some time in London, and wanted to experience some art, so I paid a vist to the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern houses some of world’s most cutting-edge, unique and inspiring modern art collections in the world. On Fridays and Saturdays the museum opens its doors until 10pm, which is really a great way to begin the weekend, because not only can you crank your mind open with some visually expansive masterpieces, but you can then exit the gallery swiftly, in ultra modern fashion via a 5 story silver chute. The Tate Modern, a converted power station from the 50’s, has a policy whereby all exhibitors have to respond to the space in which they are exhibiting. Thus it was with much Tate Modern 2interest that I discovered the Tate’s very own personal selection of ‘Laudum Nature 2005’ from Alicante in Spain. This would probably retail for under $15.00 in the US, and unfortunately it is only stocked at the Tate restaurant. On the first Friday of every month, the Tate opens its doors late at night for an evening of Jazz, enjoyed by people of culture from around the area. It was in this setting that I discovered the Laudum Nature, which incidentally is an organic wine, touted as the house wine in the restaurant of the world’s largest modern art collection. It seems apt that all exhibits in the Tate should respond to their surrounding, and how fitting that their house-wine should be as unique and vibrant as the setting it finds itself in. Wine doesn’t get any better than when it’s tailored to the setting it’s served in! Well done to the sommelier.

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