Sherman Moore Is Expecting A Baby Girl At The Age Of 52

Shemar Moore recently announced that he is going to be a dad at the age of 52.

Sherman Moore/Esprits Criminels

Sherman shared a gender reveal party video, showing that he and his partner, Jesiree Dizon, are expecting...

Sherman Moore and Jesiree Dizon

a baby girl on February 8.

He also stated that his upcoming daughter will be born on the third anniversary of his late mother's death.

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He revealed the gender of his upcoming baby by posting on Instagram and tagging his partner, who also appeared on video.

He captioned the video, "Mama’s smiling from Heaven … Miracles happen …   Here comes the BEST part of my life."

Sherman Moore/Heightwiki

Sherman Moore/Pinterest

Sherman revealed that since he has not been married and has no kids, having kids is one of his biggest dreams.

"I need balance in my life. I love what I do for a living, I love it from ‘action’ to ‘cut,' but I also want to walk my dogs, travel, get married, have kids. I want balance, and it’s hard to do with the schedule that we   have." -Sherman Moore-

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