Jeremy Renner Is In Critical Condition, Here Is Why

Jeremy Renner has   been in the news lately because he was hospitalized for being in a...

Jeremy Renner/Fanpop

critical condition.

Jeremy Renner/Reddit

He suffered injuries in a snow plowing accident in Nevada caused by the weather.

Police took care of Renner's flight transportation and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

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Here is the   statement released on the internet...

“As of now, we can   confirm Jeremy is in critical but stable condition with injuries suffered   after experiencing a weather-related accident while plowing snow earlier   today,”

Jeremy Renner/Aces Showbiz

Jeremy's accident is still under investigation.

Jeremy Renner/Sinema Gicesi

and there has been no statement released about the cause of the accident.

Jeremy Renner/HD Walle