Jeffree Star Claims He 'Escaped The Illuminati' In Bizarre Tweets

The American makeup artist and Youtuber Jeffree Star recently took the Twitter, claiming he escaped the Illuminati.

Jeffree Star/People

On December 30, The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder posted a series of tweets he stated that he escaped the murderous Hollywood cult that tried to ruin his career.

Jeffree Star/Yahoo

“What a crazy year… I escaped the Illuminati in 2021, and they still haven’t killed me. Every day I wake up grateful.” he tweeted.

He also reveals that in 2020 that the Hollywood elite tried to ruin his entire career.

Jeffree Star/Rappler

“In 2020 I was going to expose everything… In a matter of days, The Hollywood elite tried to ruin my entire career, villainise me and flooded the news with lies to discredit me,” He added.

The makeup artist influencer also claimed that Britney spears and Kanye west were also the victims of the Illuminati and that their behavior was because of the Illuminati.

Vivienne Westwood/Vulture

“If you guys only knew the truth about what they are doing to Britney & Kanye. Anyone who challenges the system gets eliminated,” he said.

“I still have a soul,” he also said. Kanye West and Birtney Spears didn’t release any statement regarding Jeffree Star revelations.

Jeffree Star/Insider