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Thinking about Thinking

Thinking about Thinking

is a such an interesting ability that we have. I’ve been about a lot.

The placebo effect, in particular, is a fascinating phenomenon… if the believes it is taking a medicine that is supposed to heal, even if that medicine is just a sugar cube, that belief still has the power to heal the body. A mesmerizing concept and implication for the power of perception and the human mind. If the mind has the ability to heal, then it also has the ability to self evolve. It simply needs to be activated… infused

The mind is the most evolved essence of life on our planet. It comes from the mycelial network of nature and is expanding into the neural network that is the Internet. So what is the future for our minds and ourselves? Are we going to realize the vision of the matrix in being plugged into a virtual world, with our physical self being inanimate, or are we going to use the web to harness the collective mental capacity of the world and begin to physically self-evolve? Both?

Think about it

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    While we are talking about thinking and mind then we all know they connect to each other or dependent. The combination of both will work as a fire in field of advice or taking decision but this happen only when we use it for wellness.

  • http://grapethinking.com Greg

    love it, fuse mind with vine