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Technology on Grape Thinking - Part 2

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Are you Linkbuilding for SEO?

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Every day we talk to clients and potential clients who are trying to build their business exposure through Search Engine Optimization. In most every case they come to us after trying to do their own , only to find that their rankings suddenly started to fall.

These cases are generally the result of bad linkbuilding. There are so many varying opinions and resources for linkbuilding that as a novice web marketer, you can easily travel down the wrong path. The problem with all of the you find across the web, is that most of it is outdated.

For example: A year ago, it was extremely popular for marketers to try and use deep-linking (linking to pages inside of their site instead of the homepage) as a means to boost the rankings for those particular pages. Well.. this became common knowledge, spammers took advantage, and now that tactic raises red flags. If you are a reading this, you know that more often than not, when you link to a website, you reference the name of the site, and link to the homepage ( e.g. Fermentation Wine Blog ).

Here are some more linkbuilding concepts that you should avoid: (more…)

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Search Engine Optimization

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

To be truly effective in reaching an audience, it is imperative that visitors are able to find you in the major search engines. We help our clients to garner better search results in the major search engines such as , Yahoo, MSN, AOL. Grape Thinking uses a proven strategy for assisting our clients in obtaining better organic search visibility by focusing on enhancing the Onsite and Offsite performance of your site.

Keyword Discovery and Analysis:
This is the first step to a proper () Campaign. The goal of the Keyword Discovery and Analysis is to determine the keywords that will provide the best on Investment. We start off by developing a list of “seed” terms, which are the words/phrases that best represent the results you wish to optimize your site. We use these “seed” terms to generate a comprehensive list of alternatives which may also be used by your target audience in searching for your site. After developing this list of keywords, we analyze them individually to determine not only the quantity and quality of the they currently and historically generate, but also the competitiveness of these terms. We conclude by providing you with the list of Keywords, and our recommendation on those we feel would provide your best return on investment.

Onsite Performance:
How your website is designed and deployed plays a large part in how well your site ranks in the search engines. When conducting our Onsite Performance Analysis, we evaluate your site from a search engines perspective and provide you with specific recommendations on how to correct the problem areas. Our Onsite Performance Analysis addresses the following major areas of your website:

  • Meta Information
    • This is the descriptor information that you are able to give to the search engines. It is important that the Titles and Descriptions you provide are concise, unique, relevant. This is one of the most common starting places for onsite SEO.
  • Site Content
    • How well is the content of your site written? Is it unique page to page? Is it unique to your website? Do your pages contain the best keywords, proper density, and best placement? Are you using the image descriptions in your site as a means to further provide “guiding” information for the search engines? We answer all of these questions and more.
  • Current Incoming
    • It is important to understand what type of links are pointing to your site. There are many types and qualities of links that can benefit, or even sometimes hinder, your search engine rankings. We evaluate the number and source of the incoming links to your site, including the anchor text currently being used. This helps in obtaining a greater understanding of your current situation, and provides insight for linkbuilding.
  • URL Structure
    • How are your URL’s formed? Do they include random strings of text, and characters that would be meaningless to any human reader? This portion of the analysis addresses URL canonicalization issues, query strings, and other items that will help your pages display as more relevant to particular terms.
  • Settings
    • This analysis takes a close look at your DNS settings to ensure you are using the proper CName and A records for your domain and subdomains (www.), MX records, and similar items.

Offsite Performance:
There is only some much that you can do onsite to optimize your search engine rankings. The final, and one of the most crucial tool for SEO is linkbuilding. If done properly, it can be a valuable tool for increasing your search engine rankings. If done improperly however, it can be extremely detrimental to your rankings, and possibly even cause permanent damage to your domain name.

  • The Logic of Linkbuilding
    • Modern search engines place extensive value on the quantity and quality of links to your website for several reasons:
      1. Each link provided to your site acts as a vote of credibility.
      2. The anchor text used for that link gives contextual reference to your site
    • Some types of Links are better than others:
      1. Links that come from sites relevant to yours
      2. Links that are used in context to your site
      3. Links that come from higher PR sites
      4. Links that contain anchor text relevant to your site
      5. Links that can be followed by the search engine crawler
      6. Links that come from .edu or .gov domain names
    • Some types of Links can hurt your website:
      1. Links that come from link directories
      2. Links that come from penalized sites
      3. Links that appear to be spam (no context)
      4. Links from sites associated with spam
      5. Links that are built to quickly
  • Our Method of Linkbuilding
    • GrapeThinking has developed a large network of bloggers across many industries who write about lifestyle, travel, wine, , products, financial , family, holistic health care, http://pharmacieinde.fr/, and more.
    • When we are contracted for linkbuilding, we check the bloggers in our network against the criteria mentioned earlier to ensure that we build only the highest quality of links.
    • We then pay these bloggers to write articles/reviews about your products or website, using specific anchor text (determined through Keyword Discovery) for their links to your site.
    • This method not only generates the links that we need for SEO, but can also generate traffic and clients to your site from the articles.

  • For more information and a FREE quote, please fill out this form:[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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Popularity Contest Plugin for WordPress

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Many of you may have noticed the widget in our sidebar that shows the most popular posts.  It was originally built by Alex King and has been a great for our site.  Recently, we upgraded the Grape Thinking website, and one of the items we updated was this widget.  For our non-tech-savvy readers, please feel free to play around with the , and I apologize for any tech speak.  If you are interested in using the widget for your own sit, The “cool” functionality we created was:

  1. It’s a widget… this means you can easily place it in the sidebar of a blog.
  2. It’s smarter !  Depending on what page you are looking at, it displays different posts that are relative to what you are reading.  To see this in action, click a tag, category, archive, or an author in the sidebar, and check out the most popular posts within that section.


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Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Safe Browsing Diagnostic
Drag Image to Toolbar to Add Bookmarklet

recently announced the release of a free safe browsing diagnostic tool. I have been frequently using this as a quick check tool on client’s websites in looking for possible penalties that could be hindering their search engine rankings.

Since it is a useful tool, I figured I would make it easy for you to test your site using Google’s safe browsing diagnostic tool by creating the simple form below. (more…)

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Hey Google… whats the issue?

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

So I decided to do a quick search on to find out how the results are panning out for todays primaries in North Carolina and Indiana.

My search returned the following result.

Google Error

I was behind a proxy for Canada.. but.. does this mean Canadians aren’t allow to look at the ?

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