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Millennial Generation Spirituality

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

The millennial generation is becoming a force for the new earth. The more people I meet my age the more hope I gain for our world. Millennial buddhists, jews, christians, muslims, hindus, and all other religions alike are letting go of extremism and fundamental views, realizing the teachings are one in the same. How to live an open connected spiritual life that cultivates love.

Religion is losing us because it invokes disagreement and violence, and encourages negative characteristics such as laziness, procrastination, and moral confusion. We have a more unified understanding of the world around us with both scientific and artistic ways of thinking and being. We understand Einstein’s theories, we live for music, we are bio-inspired… we are a very intelligent generation and we love life. And with this one life we’ve been blessed with, why not use it connecting with each other and making positive change? This is the essence of the millennial generation .


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World Market Place

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Nowhere can globalization be more simply observed than in a wine shop or in the wine section of a supermarket. Indeed, if one were to walk into a Costco in Napa, they would find wines from the other side of the world produced at similar prices to wines from E & J Gallo, right next to each other on a shelf, and with production sites often being on the opposite side of the world. Perhaps it is even more evident in restaurants. Just taking a trip into mid-town Manhattan on any given day and you could sample Afro-Cuban fast-food, Indian Style Persian cuisine, or find Chinese people working in a Mexican joint and vice versa. In the words of Duke University’s imminent literature scholar Frederic Jameson, ‘the concept of globalisation reflects the sense of an immense enlargement of world communication, as well as the horizon of a world market, both of which seems more tangible and immediate than in the earlier stages of modernity.’

In many instances Costco has also spawned a skewed vision of the world where the number of wine varietals is limited, as well as the food types on offer. Something advocates of wine diversity like Peter May find infuriating. In recent conversations on the way to San Francisco, Greg and I described the vision to turn every user’s doorstep into a portal to the culinary world. This is inevitable. No longer will the Cameron Hughes’ of the world, and he is good, or the Costco buyer be the only people with connections. In the future we’ll all have the same access to knowledge as any buyer or negociant. (more…)

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