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California Wine Companies Mobilize to Raise Funds for the Victims of the California Wildfires

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Los Angeles, Oct. 26 — With Southern California wildfires still escalating, Wine-industry group Wine Gives is raising funds for the American Red Cross. and wine retail groups are donating a generous portion of proceeds for the balance of October and until the fires subside.

Participating in the launch of this effort is the Marie Johnston Wines of Carmel, California and The Wine Spies, LLC, which has offices throughout California, including in Los Angeles.

Marie Johnston Winery owner Marie Johnston Wines says, “We are proud to be helping our neighbors to the south by contributing money directly to the Red Cross, who is speeding relief to those displaced by the fires.”

Wine Gives Founder Jason Seeber, says, “Wine Gives is bringing together wineries, wine retailers and wine consumers to help raise funds in of efforts of The Red Cross in Southern California. Our goal is to raise $50,000 or more in the coming weeks. All wineries and wine retailers are encouraged to join us.”

Starting today, Wine Gives invites wine consumers to visit online retailer The Wine Spies @ www.thewinespies.com, where at least $1 per bottle will be contributed to The Red Cross. Donations could be as high as $4 per bottle. (more…)

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

In light of the recent hoo-hah about celebrity adoptions, it’s rather baffling to try sort out who rent bleachersis right. There have been enough blogs on this subject, so I will decline to comment on my position. As an African, all I can say is that it is rather warming to see such positive attention being paid to Africa. People in the Western world and media are really driving positive changes and in the words of Bono ‘how wonderful it is to be the generation that can make a difference.’ From the Gap (Red) campaign, to the Mastercard Aids campaign, Aldo shoes Aids awareness and so many other instances of branded philanthropy, it is an inspiration to see so many companies waking up to the necessity of branded philanthropy.

Even the symbol of the continent of Africa has become somewhat reified in today’s media and is right up there in the realm of Cher and Mickey Mouse. Despite what all the cynics may say about celebrity involvement, I think that it is our duty to suspend our scepticism, lest we deter such influential people from bestowing their support on an entire continent in need. I think that passing proceeds along from products that Westerners buy every day is an excellent way of allowing people to contribute without requiring them to make too great a change from their lifestyle. In the words or the Red campaign

‘You make choices every day, from the clothes you wear to the music you play. Now making a choice means making a difference.’

So many young people feel frustrated at not being able to help the world, and I think that charities have the responsibility to make contribution easier than actually having to go out and join the Peace Corps.

Here are a few great ways to make a difference:

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