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2007 Mosel Riesling – Qualitatswein

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Seems to have more alcohol than their -Kabinet

Clear, clean, light pale-straw

Nose: candy, sherbert, fresh, lime-minerality, tinned-peaches, honey

A lot fuller – more dimension to it, broader on the entry, much fuller mouth feel, more bracing finish… would stand up to food a lot better than the Riesling-Kabinet. A bit more graceful – certainly not as lively but certainly better rounded.

Serve with: shell-fish (scallops pan-seared in chilli-infused olive oil)

or – with Thai-green curries/ Chicken Korma with pineapple and coconut

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2007 Mosel Riesling-Kabinett

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Seemed to have a higher acidityBalancing Act

Clear, clean, light pale-straw

Nose: Apple sour-patch-kids, fresh green melon, sea-breeze, cheeky, clean

Muscata on the entrance; immediately makes the mouth water; enough sugar to keep you bouncing off the walls, fizzes with sweetness, pumps vitality. Rocketing sugar cut with a high acidity – making for a high-wire act that still pulls off a fine balance between two extremes.

Pleasant and clean finish, lingering tingle on the tongue,

Balanced – could make a crazy spritzer… or even used in cocktail instead of sour-mix… would work well in a punch as well (perhaps two-shots Van Gogh Appel Vodka, one part , one part soda water, a twist of lime, a dash of bitters and ice.)

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von Hövel Oberemmeler Hutte Kabinett Riesling 2005, Germany

Saturday, April 28th, 2007



is where its at on the restaurant seen. Much like the maxim of conversation ‘don’t talk about religion, politics or money’; or the golden rule of restaurants ‘don’t order chicken or pasta or anything else you could make at home’ – I think a third rule wish to add is, ‘when you’re dining out, don’t order Pino Gris or Merlot.’ Pinot Gris is the chicken of , if that makes sense – but Riesling can often add something special, and as the flavour profile of the Western culinary experience changes to using zest, rind and Thai-style spices, so we need to choose wines with more exotic flavour profiles. This von Hovel is bursting with fruit-salad and citrus flavours, and is an incredibly crisp, succulent, racey and fresh smorgasbord of melons, lemon-peel, paw paw and fresh-cut pineapple. This wine is a testament to the potential of white wine to appeal to the youthful male palate.

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