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The Truth About Resveratrol

Monday, July 12th, 2010

The source of red ’s benefits has been up for debate for some time now. Is it the alcohol, is it the , or is it some magical blend of all its components?

There are more and more health studies piling up showing the powerful effects of Resveratrol. As we noted over 3 years ago (The Human Elixir), there are companies, such as Sirtris, in existence specifically to synthesize this molecule into an anti-aging drug. Supposedly Resveratrol helps the production of more efficient mitochondria, whereas most antioxidants only neutralize free radicals in the system. This is like creating a more efficient engine that pollutes less vs. sequestering carbon. Beyond this, there have been numerous tests showing Resveratrol’s ability to kill forms of cancer, help with caloric restriction, increase life expectancy through diminished probability of contracting diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and many say it is the reason for the famous French Paradox. As a result of all this press and consumer awareness, the market is flooding with Resveratrol pills and supplements, claiming to extend life and end all ailments.

However, interestingly enough, there is evidence that suggests that it is not the Resveratrol that gives red wine its health benefits…


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Grape’s Kill Leukemia

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Posts are circulating around the blogosphere like crazy lately new studies showing grape seed extract to kill leukemia cells. It triggers apoptosis, which essentially means the cancer cells commit cell suicide. Fascinating stuff. The significance of grapes… we’ve talked here a lot and the anti-oxidant healing powers of . This stuff is becoming quite the cultural phenomenon. Grapes? who would have thought

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2006 Gadais Pacre et Fils Muscadet Savre et Maine

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

2006 Gadais Pére et Fils Muscadet Sèvre et MaineTo kick-start my new program I enjoyed the 2006 Gadais Pére et Fils Muscadet Sèvre et Maine from the Loire Valley. Something interesting was happening here, there was a sweetness on the nose of vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough. When I tasted it though, there was a slight sweetness upfront, but then the dryness came out with a mild effervescence. On the palate I was picking up a gummy bear fruit flavor ending with sugar cookies. Sounds delicious, well it was, and this certainly has written all over it.

For those of you not familiar with Muscadet, it is a region within the Loire Valley in North West France. The grape is Muscadet, but if outside of this area will go by Melon, such as Melon de Bourgogne. This can be both white and red. Though the name is similar to Muscat, it is not related.

If you are looking to eat something with this, I would go with something light such as seafood. This is great wine with (more…)

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Resveratrol Kills Cancer

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Here’s a little bit of Grape Thinking for you — it was just announced last week that University of Rochester medical researchers have showed for the first time that , the powerful antioxidant found in grape skins, helps destroy pancreatic cancer cells – Read more here. There is a lot of controversy over this topic and the researchers are calling it a very ‘seductive’ area of study right now.

We’re all a healthy lifestyle and we think that is a vital component to healthy living. (more…)

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Wine Goes Green

Monday, June 18th, 2007

wine-goes-green.pngThis is such an important idea, that I thought it should be followed up with another post, especially just now seeing the cover of the most recent Spectator.

Renewable energies, recyclable supply chains, organic growing methods, and healthy lifestyles are the wave of the future. We won’t just be driving hydrogen powered cars and have our electricity generated from photovoltaic solar panels and off-shore wind farms. Every aspect of human nature is going to change… our habits, our routines, and even our thought processes… systematic instead of linear. Waste management and recyclables will be integrated into every imaginable human system to promote efficiency and productivity, foods will be organic and healthy lifestyles will be promoted, and most importantly, our planet will be cherished instead of cut down, polluted, and destroyed.

And what’s a better place to help start this movement than wineries? They’re some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing locations in the world (just look at the rise in wine tourism) and they create a product that is doctor recommended as good for your , with red wine having the magical anti-aging component . Check out an old post this: The Human Elixir

Aside from just being a evangelist, (although this revolution will absolutely make the world a healthier, happier, and wealthier place), technologies and marketing is something that wineries should certainly partake in. Not only will investment in sources and eco-friendly farming methods make your winery more profitable and your product that much more natural and tasty, but having the ability to market yourselves as a winery will make you more attractive to your consumers.

When released his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” last year, the trend tipped, making it more than a movement for treehugging hippies and Greenpeace activists. It’s now a movement that everybody is starting to get behind (other than Exxon and other special interested oil companies) all because of the overwhelmingly positive potential of its impact on our world. We’re hopefully about to enter another Golden Age of human civilization and wineries can help lead the way. It makes sense.

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