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In Our Server We Trust

Monday, October 20th, 2008

With expanding lists, selecting a can be harder than it seems. This is when we entrust our taste buds with our who is supposed to be knowledgeable in both food and wine. Sure, we bullshit to a certain extent only because we really aren’t too sure if that $200 bottle of wine develops from white pepper to smoke with a hint of cocoa on the end. We only know as much as you do sometimes.

Is it the server’s fault they lack the tools to enrich your meal?

Yes and no.


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The magic is in the juice

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

When I started working in the in the summer of 2007 I knew a few things wine. First it was exponentially better to drink than the Natural Light my contemporaries were imbibing at the time. It provides a great way to meet women and convince them you’re more sophisticated than you actually are. And finally there was something I desired to learn wine culturally, historically and socially; anyone can order a martini and look good doing so but in the of wine you are constantly finding out new and interesting things. Yet for all the knowledge I thought I had gathered nothing was more humbling than going to work in a wine store, where the people above you spent most of their lives buying, selling and learning about wine. From my time with them I’ve learned a lot about spotting good wines.

First of all, labels mean absolutely nothing, so when you go to buy wine don’t even look at the front ignore it, there is more useful information on the back like a good importer. In this era of opulence and visually stimulated purchasing, Louis Vutton and Cadillac, take a more refined and dare I say classier approach. I am reminded of the Tommy Boy with the late great Chris Farley. Tommy is selling Callahan Break Pads; one of his retailers says there isn’t a guarantee on Callahan’s box. Tommy says you can put a guarantee on shit and its still shit, same thing with wine – creative picture means the spent all the money on a and not the . Like a guarantee vs. the actual product. There can and often will be a cute picture on the bottle but the , more times than not, is still absolute Swill (a colloquialism used to describe wine not worth ). (more…)

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A Few Tips For Climbing The Search Engines

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

After our recent post highlighting a recent duplicate content issue we faced, we decided it would be a good time to start giving out free advice for building your web rankings.

One of our most commonly requested is web site optimization. Unfortunately (and fortunately) web developers are just now starting to implement a better practice of building sites to be search engine friendly. As web development continues to be outsourced, many developers just don’t feel like putting in that little bit of extra effort that truly does go a long way.

You may be familiar with some of the following issues, as I’m trying to keep this list simple, but hopefully there are a few gems that may help you on your way to the top. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to comment and we’ll help in every way we can. (more…)

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Good Read for a Good Cause

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Zero to One MillionA friend of ours, Ryan Allis, is launching his book Zero to One Million today, and it comes with our strong endorsement.

We highly recommend the book for anyone who wants to become a multimillionaire entrepreneur. If there’s ever a book that has the potential to be life changing, Zero to One Million is it. Ryan is trying to reach a lifetime goal and get to #1 on Amazon.com today and has created a compelling reason to buy the book today.

Ryan built three companies to over $1 million in sales by age 21, raised over five million dollars in venture capital at age 22, and today at age 23 runs an 85 person company in North Carolina called iContact that does over ten million dollars in annual sales. Ryan knows what he’s doing when it comes to .

The full title of the book is ‘Zero to One Million: How I Built a Company to $1 Million in Sales… And How You Can Too.’ If you want to become a multimillionaire entrepreneur, this really is a no-BS step-by-step guide.

Today, Ryan is running a promotion to help him get to the #1 spot on Amazon.

When you buy Ryan’s book for $11.53 on Amazon today you will receive six bonus gifts including a video from Ryan on how to raise $5 million in venture capital at age 22 and valuable DVD and PDF report bonuses from Buck Rizvi, Derek Gehl, Carlos Garcia, Shawn Casey, and Tom Bell. Just email the Amazon receipt to bonus@zeromillion.com with The Pay it Forward Chronicles in the subject line to receive the bonuses.

You’ll also receive a special video from Ryan: How Our Generation Will Change the World… A Plan for the Future.

NOW HERE’S THE PAY IT FORWARD KICKER: All of the proceeds from Zero to One Million are going to Ryan’s non-profit organization The Humanity Campaign, which works to reduce poverty and hunger in developing nations by increasing access to education, healthcare, and . You can an article Ryan’s efforts to give back at http://www.newsobserver.com/business/story/900111.html.

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Tastevine – Wine Tasting

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

For all of you who have missed my recommendations lately here is one that will truly benefit all. Go out and buy a bottle of ! Its the middle of the work week, spice it up. Once you’ve drank that log-on to .com and rate it. The fall is truly here with colder temperature moving across the south, this is how I know its fall. Neauvo Beaujolais is produced this season and varies year to year but generally produces a crisp red . Check out grapethinking.com for other recommendations from correspondents around the . Cheers!

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