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Cultural Democracy

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

youtube.jpgcooperandersonb.jpgDon’t forget to tune into the You Tube debate tonight, the partnership has been done between You Tube and CNN and is going to be history in the making. Participants from around the country have filmed 30 second questions and posted them on You Tube. In turn, Anderson Cooper of CNN is mediating the questions, which will be posed to the Democratic candidates.

This is partisanship and like we’ve never seen it before since the days of Athenian democracy. The top-down model is falling away, and suddenly the average person can broadcast a message from his webcam straight to Hillary Clinton and receive an answer on CNN before a world audience. Hallelujah, the democratization of mass media is underway.

As mentioned this weekend, this trend is extending to wine, as this year for the first time, the will coincide with the World Cup Rugby as the wines of Rugby playing nations are pitted against each other in a taste-off between countries. Gary V. may do his bit to answer e-mail individually and factor in viewer requests to his show, but the beginning of a more two way communication medium is yet to emerge in the wine industry. As I’ve been saying, we perhaps need to see more of this in the food world. Jamie Oliver and the rest have done wonders for celebrity cooking, but has it gotten people at home cooking more, or does it just have people watching.

The key to the success of any movement is to motivate people into action. We’re already seeing this with Is My Blog Burning, but perhaps its times to step it up a little and provide an arena in which such competitions can be seen in multi-media, with more frequency. I figure that if we can get citizens involved in politics, it’d be ludicrous not to motivate people to become actively involved in something perhaps more socially rewarding and enjoyable, like entertaining and fine dining!

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Cut the Crap

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Every now and then I have the urge to go and empty all my Wine Spectators out onto a bonfire and watch them burn with glee. I’ve been looking through the covers of the past 3 years of issues, and its really just more of the same month in month out. If I had a penny for the amount of wine magazines that proclaim ‘Cab is King’ on the cover twice yearly I wouldn’t be doing this – but it seems that a few writers with no imagination are hell bent on keeping the status quo and reinventing the wheel with every publication.


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