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Youtube musical performances

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I’ve been listening to a few awesome performances on lately. One is from Ronald Jenkees playing the keyboard with a sick electric guitar hip hop effect goin… ridiculous. Ronald seems like an interesting guy to say the least, check him out.  His sound in this video rocks. Another performance I found is Ed-Alleyne Johnson ‘busking’ his electric violin setup on the streets of Chester, Wales. He’s using all types of awesome equipment to build his rhythms… loop pedal, distortion effects, running multiple harmonies throughout… absolutely sick.

Ronald Jenkees on keys

Ed-Alleyn Johnson on Electric Violin

I know MySpace has kinda become the center of the indy and hopefully the messiah that will rejuvenate the music industry, but YouTube may be where it all starts. Inspiring music is a live vibe, its in the moment and that’s what’s been lost with the production of today. People can make catchy shit in the studio, but musicians can’t move a crowd of 30,000 anymore. There’s a few out there today that kill it, but not many. That’s what’s awesome YouTube… it catches it live. I know Ed Johnson has been around for awhile, but hopefully performances like what Ronald put up will get him signed and help spread his music.

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Wine Proof Pants

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

On a recent to the Benicassim Festival in Spain, I purchased a pair of quick-dry camping pants from Titanium for the trip. Walking to outside the festival grounds and sitting on our back-packs whilst waiting for the campsite to open, we took the opportunity to crack a bottle of we’d got on RENFE (a quick note on RENFE – if you’re on the site and can’t select English you need to select the drop-down labelled Seleccione su Idioma to make it so, which means you have to speak to get the site into English, go figure!)

Red is a perfect libation for festivals – primarily because it doesn’t need to be kept cold; it doesn’t lose its fizz and if you’re wine locally produced its dirt and super-good. Within minutes of popping the however I’d managed to spill the Rioja on my new pants and was questioning the merits of wine in a situation where a shower is hard to find… when suddenly, with a splash of from my water bottle – the wine was gone. Brilliant! Wine proof pants – what more could a young wine-lover at a festival wish for? I reckon the pants specifically as wine-proof and selling it at Bonnaroo could be a good gig.


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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008


Being involved in really has its perks. When GrapeThinking was in its infancy, and the only client was Tastevine.com, it was really easy to mix business and pleasure. As a group of passionate promoting things that bring people together, we didn’t find it too demanding to to major cities and throw parties promoting particular wines, and of course, the Tastevine wine community.

As the “tech” guy, my traveling is not quite as adventurous as say Ruarri’s travels to Morroco, or Meghan’s trip Paris, but I do get a chance here and there, and I always try to make the best of it. Apparently, I’m starting a tradition of going to a / festival to complement my business trips. (more…)

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Some Good Shit

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

MintyLike many a webworker – I’m addicted to Podcasts and am pretty much plugged in on a daily basis to the best of APM, NPR, Guardian Media, Grape Radio etc. Robert Krulwich of NPR did a show the other day the MIT Bioengineering faculty, and the dawn of a new species under the fostering care of some students with olfactory concerns. You can listen to the show here, but basically the show discusses how for bio-engineering students – life is spent in fume cupboards culturing e-coli in a petri-dishes, and due to the fact that e-coli smells like, er, smells like, well… shit, these students applied their trade to splice out the shit-smelling gene from the e-coli and replace it with the gene from Wintergreen that makes Wintergreen smell like Spearmint resulting in good smelling shit.


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Music and Wine make the best of times

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Josh Rouse - photo from http://www.paulburt.co.uk/ The press release below was brought to our attention today, and with our love of and , we wanted to share. I’d also like to point out, that in reading Josh’s website , it appears he has done several things for charity, including a recent donation of a song to the WHY Foundation, founded by Harry Chapin. The foundation released an album “All-Star Charity CD SERVE2: FIGHTING HUNGER AND POVERTY”, featuring tracks from many great musicians, Bruce Springsteen, OAR, Citizen Cope, and Natasha Bedingfield just to name a few.

NEW YORK-November 28, 2007- Fresh from Spain, Josh Rouse comes back to delight fans and make some new ones with his latest release, Country Mouse, City House. His seventh proper full-length album on his imprint Bedroom Classics (through Nettwerk Music Group) was released this past summer.

Following the release, Josh has partnered with Ménage à Trois wines in a new venture. The promotion, which starts November 1st, will display a hang tag or tear pad with Josh Rouse information (tag line, URL, and code for downloads) on over 2 million bottles of Ménage à Trois wines, inviting them to download samplings of Josh’s music. Fans can also enter to win a to see Josh perform live at New York’s Carnegie Hall. The winning fan will receive all expenses paid to New York for two to see Josh’s on April 18, 2008 – plus receive $1,000 in spending money. Fans can find bottles of wine to purchase in major supermarkets. In addition to the sweepstakes, a free song preview off the new album is available at menageatroiswines.com. (more…)

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