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Thinking about Thinking

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

is a such an interesting ability that we have. I’ve been about a lot.

The placebo effect, in particular, is a fascinating phenomenon… if the believes it is taking a medicine that is supposed to heal, even if that medicine is just a sugar cube, that belief still has the power to heal the body. A mesmerizing concept and implication for the power of perception and the human mind. If the mind has the ability to heal, then it also has the ability to self evolve. It simply needs to be activated… infused


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Friday, December 31st, 2010

الإكسير in Arabic means al-ikseer, which is the source of the word . The essence being the of life… something alchemists have been seeking since the dawn of civilization. There may not be a magic potion that allows us to live forever, but the reality is that the of life does exist.

The basis is an engine… a engine that drives sustainable development, and more specifically, the health of the world. How do you create something in which the consumption heals the body and the production heals the earth?

Think about it

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Fusing Mind with Vine

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Psychotherapists and holistic healers galore out here in the bay area… lovin it. We’ve learned so much about the body and the yogic practices of release and meditation, and yet the is the healer and will always have the fascination. To think about how you think is such a concept.grape().It’s not so much about deciphering the or objectifying it, but connecting it. Fusing it, or infusing it better yet.

To simplify… how can it benefit mental health, environ(mental) health. See the layers? When we realize the sustainable mind, the healthy mind, we realize the sustainable world. To create a real you have to be a neurologist and a psychologist just as much as you have to be an oenologist and a viticulturalist. With this, the liquid becomes the frontier of technology… the liquid technology. To connect technology to the earth. A fusion between circuit and cell, between web and water… between mind and .

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