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Wine Proof Pants

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

On a recent to the Benicassim Festival in Spain, I purchased a pair of quick-dry camping pants from Titanium for the trip. Walking to outside the festival grounds and sitting on our back-packs whilst waiting for the campsite to open, we took the opportunity to crack a bottle of we’d got on RENFE (a quick note on RENFE – if you’re on the site and can’t select English you need to select the drop-down labelled Seleccione su Idioma to make it so, which means you have to speak to get the site into English, go figure!)

Red is a perfect libation for festivals – primarily because it doesn’t need to be kept cold; it doesn’t lose its fizz and if you’re wine locally produced its dirt and super-good. Within minutes of popping the however I’d managed to spill the Rioja on my new pants and was questioning the merits of wine in a situation where a shower is hard to find… when suddenly, with a splash of from my water bottle – the wine was gone. Brilliant! Wine proof pants – what more could a young wine-lover at a festival wish for? I reckon the pants specifically as wine-proof and selling it at Bonnaroo could be a good gig.


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The Elixir of Life

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Inspired by the ancient alchemists of our past, I myself am always in search of the of life. I’ve always had a fascination with as it’s the only commercial product I know of that represents the true essence of nature. Talk to any real winemaker, and you’ll realize creating is an artistic process of allowing nature to run its course, and as the winemaker, you become a part of the process rather than controlling it. You become one with nature, which is what in essence happens when you consume the product, thereby transferring the enlightenment full circle.


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Millennials Prefer Personable Eco-Friendly Brands

Monday, July 21st, 2008

The big brands will destroy the if left to continue along their current course unchecked.” The future of the world thus depends on the little guy, the independent store and the niche – and thus whilst the big brand peddling baby-boomers have been the antithesis of what the world needs, the mass label eschewing will save the world.

The crux of the problem lies in what Robert Reich in his book Supercapitalism labels ‘socialised capitalism’: which is ultimately a form of capitalism that allows the rich to get rich with no obligation to share their wealth; and then when the rich go bust (ala Bear Stearns) then socialism kicks in and everyone shares in the losses. The essence of the open-source industry is akin to the blogosphere in that it is a platform upon which ideas are shared with no restriction. Ultimately, shares much in common with this ideology in that its wealth is often shared out along the supply chain more evenly than in say, the motor-industry where practically everyone from the production line workers to the gets a raw deal. (more…)

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Live Earth – and did you know that drinking wine can help decrease your carbon footprint?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

What a weekend. Wimbledon Tennis final (go Federer and welcome back Venus); the Tour de France starting for the first time ever in London and of course Live Earth all over the world. As for Greg and I, amidst it all we were rooting for our man Al Gore as he continues to launch his book ‘The Assault on Reason’ and spread the good word the need to conscientiously and actively protect our . How he manages to remain so calm and composed in the face of such stubbornness and obstinacy is beyond me – but I really think that these ideas are beginning to take root, and as Gore says, if the Internet had been as powerful as it is today, 5 years ago, Bush wouldn’t be in power and America would have stayed in Afghanistan and not gone on to invade Iraq. But, as a consolation prize to all we reasonable beings – at least we live in interesting times.

Do you www.treehugger.com – if not, I seriously recommend visiting it on a weekly basis. It’s packed with well informed and easily digestible factlets, and is a good way to not only keep informed – but to learn how to make a difference.


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Wine Goes Green

Monday, June 18th, 2007

wine-goes-green.pngThis is such an important idea, that I thought it should be followed up with another post, especially just now seeing the cover of the most recent Spectator.

Renewable energies, recyclable supply chains, growing methods, and healthy lifestyles are the wave of the future. We won’t just be driving hydrogen powered cars and have our electricity generated from photovoltaic solar panels and off-shore wind farms. Every aspect of human nature is going to change… our habits, our routines, and even our thought processes… systematic instead of linear. Waste management and recyclables will be integrated into every imaginable human system to promote efficiency and productivity, foods will be and healthy lifestyles will be promoted, and most importantly, our planet will be cherished instead of cut down, polluted, and destroyed.

And what’s a better place to help start this movement than ? They’re some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing locations in the (just look at the rise in wine tourism) and they create a product that is doctor recommended as good for your , with red wine having the magical anti-aging component . Check out an old post this: The Human Elixir

Aside from just being a evangelist, (although this revolution will absolutely make the world a healthier, happier, and wealthier place), technologies and is something that wineries should certainly partake in. Not only will investment in sources and eco-friendly farming methods make your winery more profitable and your product that much more and tasty, but having the ability to yourselves as a winery will make you more attractive to your consumers.

When released his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” last year, the trend tipped, making it more than a movement for treehugging hippies and Greenpeace activists. It’s now a movement that everybody is starting to get behind (other than Exxon and other special interested oil companies) all because of the overwhelmingly positive potential of its impact on our world. We’re hopefully about to enter another Golden Age of human civilization and wineries can help lead the way. It makes sense.

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