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Terracycle Pioneers Eco-Capitalism

Monday, October 13th, 2008

These guys are “growing a better world” and in essence pioneering . I’m convinced this is going to sweep the nation and the world and become the new evolved form of economics and governance. Terracycle collects and buys all types of waste products that would otherwise go into a landfill, and then upcycles these resources into new products that can be reintroduced into the marketplace and sold for a profit. It’s so simple, and yet the way it should be. No more landfills, no more waste, no more garbage… no more linear supply chain. Create a renewable world! This is what the movement of our times is all . You gotta love the current crash… beyond the short term pain, it’s going to give us the much needed humility and clarity that we so desparately need to become enlightened to the harmony that exists between man and nature.


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West Coast Green – How my life changed this week

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

West Coast Green conference

Wow, what an excellent conference! A game changer. I have to thank my friends over at Village Green Energy for hooking me up with a free pass. I’ve been so passionate this movement as long as I can remember… ever since 6th grade when I messed around with electromagenetic fields and plants. Early education for me was all ecology and , and that followed with rigorous economics in college, which I didn’t quite understand myself until now. Having not gone into banking with my degree and now seeing the state of the economy I was like shit… but David Suzuki put it so clearly… it’s (eco)nomics. I can’t believe I never recognized that. I automatically associated economics with the greedy, short-sighted mentality of Wall Street that focuses solely on the bottom line and exploiting the market for cash and egoic status. Yet you realize the bottom line is not the statement of cash flows or the balance sheet… it’s the fuckin planet. Ecology + Economics = . This conference was absolutely buzzing! People were feeling alive and connecting and touching each other like I’ve never seen in my life. We all knew the revolution is ready and about to change the world in a big way.


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Millennials Prefer Personable Eco-Friendly Brands

Monday, July 21st, 2008

The big brands will destroy the world if left to continue along their current course unchecked.” The future of the world thus depends on the little guy, the independent store and the niche label – and thus whilst the big brand peddling baby-boomers have been the antithesis of what the world needs, the mass label eschewing millennials will save the world.

The crux of the problem lies in what Robert Reich in his book Supercapitalism labels ‘socialised capitalism’: which is ultimately a form of capitalism that allows the rich to get rich with no obligation to share their wealth; and then when the rich go bust (ala Bear Stearns) then socialism kicks in and everyone shares in the losses. The essence of the open-source industry is akin to the blogosphere in that it is a platform upon which ideas are shared with no restriction. Ultimately, shares much in common with this ideology in that its wealth is often shared out along the supply chain more evenly than in say, the motor-industry where practically everyone from the production line workers to the gets a raw deal. (more…)

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