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Pythagoras, A Geometric Blend

Friday, July 11th, 2008

It has been a month now since I re-entered into life in the States. Though three months isn’t that long of a time, my transition from Paris to Southampton, NY was a bizarre one. Who would have thought hearing people speak English around you would feel strange. In Paris everything was at my doorstep and now here I am out east on in driving distance of everything. The one thing that is in full source here are the vineyards. is not typically known for great wine. They are developing more and more overPythagoras the years. The varietals that strive are Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. And that is what I am trying to accomplish here, bringing pride back to Long Island Wine Country.

Pindar is a vineyard that has been in the North Fork of Long Island for 15 years. Usually they are dressed in a tacky label, and because of this I have always over looked it. What can I say, I like visuals. While walking the ailes of the local wine store I came upon a label with the Pythagorem Theroem across it, a2 + b2 = c2. It was called Pythagoras. My mom is a math teacher, though I’m not a math wiz, I always did enjoy algebra. Because the label was so different from any other Pindar wine I was shocked to find out it was in fact the same vineyard. That’s lesson number one, don’t judge a wine by its label.

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Chateau Kefraya Les Breteches, 2004 Lebanon

Friday, April 6th, 2007

chateau-kefraya.jpgChateau Kefraya There’s something so romantic about middle-Eastern , purely because it conjures up images of Persia, sultans and sabre fights with spilled blood and contested honour. Perhaps I’ve read too much One Thousand and One Nights though. But, like spilled blood on a Persian carpet, this wine as a thick rich and red exploding colour; and unlike spilled blood on a Persian carpet, the wine has more of a confection scent to it, with essences of cassis, rich sour and hints of earth and tobacco. It reminds me of the 2003 Salus Cab, which I had the other night, except at a quarter of the price.

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