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Welcome to Mendoza, Argentina, the birthplace of our first elixir. The perfect place to showcase our way of thinking in a harmonized environment between man and nature.

It’s a real oasis!

Only receiving 20 cm of rainfall a year, this environment would be a desert without the influence of man. We have built dynamic watering systems fed by the Tunuyan and Mendoza rivers, which give the vines the perfect amount of water that they need.

Highest vineyards in the world

Mendoza on average has the highest altitude vineyards in the world (between 1000-1400m above sea level). This high altitude exposes the fruit to higher levels of UV radiation, which results in the grapes producing more polyphenols (see Health section) to act as protection for the grapes.

Massive change in temperature from day to night

The change in temperature from day to night, also know as the thermal amplitude, can be as high as 40 degrees F in Mendoza. This is an insane temperature difference, characteristic of most deserts. This again causes the grapes to produce higher levels of polyphenols in the skins to act as  protection.

We can experiment!

All of these factors contribute to our environment being a natural sustainable laboratory, in which we can experiment with organics and biodynamics very easily. There are very little pest and disease problems due the intense dynamics of the environment, thus making organic agriculture rather easy to facilitate!

Organic Agriculture

To be organic, we have to be certified, which can only be achieved after 3 years without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or any type of synthetic chemicals. It takes this long to rid them from the soil and plant system completely, assuring us that there are no traces of chemicals in our fruit. This not only keeps chemicals out of our fruit, but it allows microbial life in the soil to flourish and healthy mycorrizhal fungi to be rejuvenated in the root system, which absorbs more nutrients and leads to richer, purer fruit.

Organic Wine Making

Only indigenous yeast are used for fermenting. This means the yeast that grow naturally on the grapes. No processed yeast! This allows the grapes to ferment naturally, which creates a much smoother, purer tasting product. We put no additives and take amazing care of our product throughout fermentation. We allow prolonged natural maceration and fermentation to best extract the quality tannins and polyphenols from the skins. Also, we only add as little as 70ppm of sulfites to act as a preservative compared to normal levels of 400-500ppm. Our goal is to ultimately not use any sulfites.

USDA Certification

Wine is a very unique product regarding organic certification. While all other agricultural products receive the USDA mark on the basis of no synthetic chemicals used in the agricultural process, wine must have this characteristic as well as no added sulfites to be certified pure Organic. This is a very controversial subject as sulfites have nothing to do with the grape growing, but with the preservation of the wine. Many wines that have no added sulfites will spoil very easily. Thus, the USDA allows you to say Made with Organic Grapes, as long as the grapes are obviously organic and sulfite levels are less than 100ppm, but they don’t allow for the USDA seal in these cases.

Biodynamics is going to change the world. This is the essence of the sustainability revolution

Biodynamics is a step beyond organics. It incorporates everything organic and yet takes it a step further, in treating the environment (vineyard) as a living organism in itself, and the human element is simply a part of that living system. It revolves around the concept of replenishing earth energy through the use of specially made fertilizers from the living components of the system and adjusting operations based on certain astrological factors like phases of the moon. Many will say this is pseudoscience, but for us it is the essence of Grape Thinking, and we see it as a spiritual science. Something that the world desperately needs right now. A subjective intuition powering clear objective results.

Alcohol is good for you?

Studies have proven that alcohol in moderate quantities is good for you. It is shown to positively influence cardiovascular health by improving overall cholesterol levels (increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol), and also serving as a natural blood lubricant by reducing platelet aggregation. It is important to remember that there is a threshold, and if you go over it, it begins to have a negative effect on your health. However, there is powerful evidence that moderate drinkers of alcohol are in better cardiovascular health then people that completely abstain.

Polyphenols – the magic molecules

Polyphenols are the molecules in the skins of grapes that give red wine all of its amazingly complex health benefits as well as smooth taste. From anthocyanins (color) to tannins (complexity) to the antioxidants (health), the polyphenols have it all. Most importantly, there have been studies across the board that show the resveratrol and procyanidin polyphenols to have positive health impacts unseen in almost any other food we put in our bodies. The great thing is our elixir is full of these polyphenols, more than most wines in the world. And why is that?

1. As mentioned in the Mendoza section, the natural dynamics of that environment (highest altitude vineyards and thermal amplitude in the world) contribute to very high levels of polyphenolic production.

2. Our special agricultural methods allow the natural SAR (systemic acquired resistance) to kick in and produce higher levels of polyphenols.

3.The two varietals in our blend, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, are genetically prone to have some of the highest levels of any varietal in the world.

GrapeThinking Elixir of Life
This product is about growth and evolution... about drinking and thinking. A group of us passionate about health started Thinking in late 2006. After harvesting the world, we discovered the perfect grape... one that is organic, pure, and drives the health of the earth. This is GrapeThinking and we want to fuse your mind with our vines. Our first shipment is limited availability. Only 500 cases! Try a case and ThinK about it!