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ShopWiki for Christmas

ShopWiki for Christmas

For all you last minute Christmas shoppers, check out ShopWiki. It’s an interesting site attempting to revolutionize online shopping by crawling Google for every online store on the internet. This is cool because most online marketplaces and shopping sites have selective stores that that they set up deals with, whereas ShopWiki brings in virtually every store on the web, allowing you to better compare price data and make more informed decisions on what to buy. Furthermore, it has a near flawless user interface and interaction, which is the name of the game in retaining users and making money.

The wikis and search results were great. Here’s the ‘Gifts for All Budgets‘ wiki for Christmas presents. I love the organization and how it breaks it down for you to easily navigate and find what you’re looking for. We love our lighting here at GrapeThinking so I made my way over to the ‘Indoor Light Fixtures‘ wiki. I clicked ceiling fixtures, and it took me to a page with 1000s of different products it found. I loved the 3 filter tools: a scroll bar for price, a drop down for brand, and a color spectrum. The AJAX functionality was amazing in how it immediately updated the search results when a change was made in one of the tools. This was a huge helper in finding what I was looking for in the sea of products it churned up.

Another really cool thing is when you hover your mouse over the ‘See All Stores’ button, it automatically pops up 5 online stores and the price. You click the store price and it takes you right to the item on that store’s page, ready to buy. ShopWiki has the chance to develop a very healthy affiliate model if they succeed at gaining traffic and users.

Here are a few sustainable wikis/searches I found useful:

Green Guide

Organic wine

Energy Star Rated

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