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Serendipity is Synchronicity

Serendipity is Synchronicity

Serendipity is a very powerful idea. To the extreme rationalist or scientist, there is no such thing… only random coincidences. To the mystic or artist, it is everything, the reason for breathing for living for creating. In the extremely rational world of the industrialized west, we have lost touch with serendipity. We have forgotten how to get in tune with it, to see it, to let it be the guiding force in our life. How do we remember?

Serendipity is commonly thought of as an event of destiny. In the shamanic world of the Amazon and the Andes, they think of it as synchronicity, which is a great word that blends rationale with mysticism. They believe that there is a force guiding the development of our world, and it is our purpose to become in tune or in sync with that force. There is even an anatomical hypothesis to this. The sensor is our heart, using it to pick up the synchronicity events when they happen, which sends the appropriate signal to our minds to recognize it and do something with it… to remember it, to have it mean something in your life, to build a story, to contribute to building a sustainable world. Sure this sounds very fairy tale, but what if it is the simple truth?

The question everyone will have is, if this is real, then how do you get in touch with it, how do you feel it, how do you recognize it? The answer begins with a cleanse. We dampen our ability to feel and recognize this signal through so many things. Our food supply fills us with so much degrading substance, whether it be synthetic chemical pesticides or preservatives. More importantly, we constantly fill our head with unhealthy thoughts and then reinforce that chaotic circuitry by repeatedly thinking the same things.  We attach ourselves to create a false sense of permanence… to stuff, materials, relationships, an exterior god… and we develop a fear of losing these things. You have to cleanse this all away, let it all go, and get to the core, to the source. It’s only when you let all this stuff go that you can sense the guiding synchronicity that surrounds you. You won’t question the next step, you won’t regret. You’ll be filled with wonder as you experience the serendipity of your life.

The meditative practices of the East are very enlightened at this, however it is the shamanic ceremonies of South America that are driven by an inescapable practical magnetism… a drink with a sonic complement that brings forth a powerful cleanse. A loss of control and a cleanse of mind body and soul. Think of yourself as an instrument that needs to be tuned, and this ceremony is the tuner. The goal is obviously to be able to tune yourself, but everyone needs some help in the beginning.

Check more into these ceremonies if you’re interested. Ayahuasca is the name of the drink which drives the ceremony. It is important to be ready, but I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, then you’re on your way.

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