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Friendseat.com Is Scraping Our Content

Open Request to Friendseat

Friendseat Scraping ContentI have a concern I would like to discuss with you.

First.. Click Here.

You have built an RSS parser that takes the feeds from various blogs, takes the first paragraph of content, strips out the html, and places it on your site. On this page with the scraped content, you have placed nofollow links back to the bloggers site, and have placed google adsense ads.

Long story short.. you’re making money off of bloggers content, and not even providing the value of a link back to their site. You have not asked permission to place this content on your site, and in some cases, you don’t even credit the blog (e.g. when the feed is through feedburner, you say provided by feedburner).

I do not have any problem with you using Grapethinking’s content on your site, and I am flattered that you would have our content placed there. I just ask in return that you remove the nofollow tags, and put the grapethinking logo on the page. It would also be nice if our site showed up in the blog search since you are scraping our content.

As you can tell in the link at the top of this post.. this isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this problem, and unfortunately, with many sites and their webmasters, ethics are not innate, and must be enforced. Please resolve this issue….. Thanks!

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