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Cut the Crap

Cut the Crap

Every now and then I have the urge to go and empty all my Wine Spectators out onto a bonfire and watch them burn with glee. I’ve been looking through the covers of the past 3 years of issues, and its really just more of the same month in month out. If I had a penny for the amount of wine magazines that proclaim ‘Cab is King’ on the cover twice yearly I wouldn’t be doing this – but it seems that a few writers with no imagination are hell bent on keeping the status quo and reinventing the wheel with every publication.

It’s the same with a lot of things I guess – which is why the Internet can be such a breath of fresh air. It’s awesome to be able to take the old traditional top down one way mode of communication and give it a good shake by adding a range of opinions, some dissenting and many concurring.

The Internet has spawned a rise of pundits dissatisfied with unquestioning partisanship. We will no doubt see the effect of this on wine in the years to come – and I’m positive that the results can only be positive. It’d be awesome to see a John Stewart of the wine world arise and take the old monoliths to task on their scores and unwavering opinions – much like was done with Senator McCain on the Daily Show.

That the Internet has been able to invigorate in the shape of blogs, political cartoons and most impressively – the recent announcement that and CNN will be partnering up so as to allow members of the public to post videos that pose questions to political figures (all to be convened by Anderson Cooper) gives me hope that the tides of change can just as easily extend to the wine industry and wash away all the old bureaucracy.

Moreover, as the soap box is reinvented into personal candidate websites, much like Barack TV, so too is the space growing for more a few more people like Gary V. to come onto the platform, fostering the emerging epicurean trend in young graduates who seek to know more about food and wine.

I know one of the Golden Rules of conversation is to avoid talk of politics, money and religion – but I hope that you’ll all allow for politics to slip through into these blogs in these particularly exciting times…

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