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World Peace and world wine

Friday, July 27th, 2007

When I first read Tom Friedman’s ‘golden arches theory’ it just struck me how beneficial trade relationships and liberal democracy are to international relations. If two countries, no matter what their differences, are doing trade with one another, and benefiting from the relationship then there’s really a huge disincentive to go to war. We’ve already explored the fact that wine reduces your carbon footprint – but imagine a world where wine made the world more peaceful…


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Cut the Crap

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Every now and then I have the urge to go and empty all my Wine Spectators out onto a bonfire and watch them burn with glee. I’ve been looking through the covers of the past 3 years of issues, and its really just more of the same month in month out. If I had a penny for the amount of wine magazines that proclaim ‘Cab is King’ on the cover twice yearly I wouldn’t be doing this – but it seems that a few writers with no imagination are hell bent on keeping the status quo and reinventing the wheel with every publication.


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Doorstep –> Culinary Hotspot

Friday, April 20th, 2007

The community value of & beverage went to new heights at the first ever Food Network Awards this past Sunday night, which was actually part of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival back in February. Although it seems silly to glorify food, the show was more about glorifying cuisine and cooking and how it brings us together. Plus, with awards like “Icy Innovations” and “Tasty Technologies”, I kinda got reeled in.foodnetwork.png

The award that I found most interesting was “Not Your Grandmother’s Food of the Month Club.” The nominees were cool food club delivery services that ship a variety of tasty treats direct to their members’ doorsteps. The Z-club from Zingerman’s won because it delivers a wide variety of foods and creates a sense of adventure for its members. Self-described as a premier food club that a hungry, adventurous food-eating nation has fallen in love with, the Z-club provides a random assortment of exciting new foods from fine olive oils, cheeses, and meats to exotic sweets such as Calabrian candied orange peels covered in chocolate and Australian sweet dried figs. Looks like they’re only missing one thing.

As logistics become well-oiled (I like that phrase), consumers are going to tap into the opportunity to have food and wine shipped direct to their doorstep, especially if it is exciting new stuff from different places. Even more, what if we could pair this service with recommended packs personalized to each member and based on their unique tastes? And what if we could send them recommended recipes, ingredients, and wine for that night? Could be fun.

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Cutting Costs on Delivery

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Cutting CostsThe two most common shipping methods used by fullfillment companies are, obviously, UPS and FedEx. An important thing to note, and we’re not sure if UPS offers anything like this, but FedEx offers great discounts (up to 65% off) on shipping if the winery is a member of the Wine Institute. This can amount to incredible savings to the consumer, or make the winery look great if they complement their price point with “shipping included”. If you are a winery, you have to enroll in the program.

Some of these shippers work to make it easy to deliver wines. For example, UPS offers a free service where they call the intended recipient before they deliver to make sure that someone over 21 is available to pick up the wine. Unfortunately, I don’t think all the wineries are aware of this, as we recently received some wine, and it was somewhat of a hassle… apparently the only way that UPS will do this is if the winery gives them the phone number and requests the service when they place the order into shipping.

So… if you are purchasing wines, don’t forget to mention it. This will help eliminate the need for the driver to make multiple trips, and make it easier to get the wine into your hands.

If you are a winery, and are interested in the Wine Institute, you better be from California, because they apparently only represent California wineries. Maybe they have plans for expansion, or maybe Wine America’s helping hands are working on, something similar.

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Incomplete Recipes

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Wine is such that even the most simple can have a tremendous effect on its expression within the mouth… tarting the sweetness, accentuating the fruit forward, building its body, etc… There is a satirical piece by W. R. Tish (PN) at Wine For All about how one of the executive editors of Wine Spectator had some chorizo sausage and cheese with a Spanish wine he was rating and it complemented the Tempranillo so well that he gave it a 101 point rating, and then was admitted to the hospital for hyper-euphoria. The story went on to say (paraphrased) that pairing has added such a dimension to wine, that an 85 point wine could easily become a 95 point wine, and vice-versa, and that because of this discovery, wine ratings will start spiraling out of control. Not necessarily a fan of the current rating systems, as they are not representative of how the wine rates to your/my taste, the message was well understood.

Food PairingFor many of those who are just beginning to adventure into the world of wine, one of the more overwhelming responsibilities is pairing wine with food. Even more burdensome is the thought that you may pair something so terribly wrong that the independently great meal or wine is inevitably ruined. This rarely happens of course, but that doesn’t mean the thought isn’t a source of stress for the uneducated. It’s such a great feeling to cook up a “gourmet” meal for your wife, friends, or family, using your Uncle’s famous recipe for lamb chops, or better yet one of Giada De Laurentiis’, Alton Brown’s, or Mario Batali’s recipes. Giada oftentimes recommends a bottle of wine with her recipes, as does Alton Brown, and to no surprise Mario Batali is a partner in Italian Wine Merchants.

Where does one go today to find a wine that matches a recipe your looking to prepare?. Some of the gourmet food sites such as Cuisine Solutions, recommends 4-6 different wines for each of their recipes.. (except the asian bbq ribs, as they feel beer is a better combination – anyone have a good wine recommendation here?) Epicurean.com touts themselves as the place for food and wine lovers, but yet wine is not suggested in the recipes. Food and Wine magazine has its gallery, but this is 2007… consumers don’t want pay for information especially with the plethora of free information out there. There are also others that try… MSN – The Wine Life, Wines and Recipes, Food Network…etc.

Wine and food, like Romeo and Juliet, belong together, and we are marrying these two lovers into one site. We just want finding a place to eat, a recipe to cook, and a wine to drink to be a simple, enjoyable experience.

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