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Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic

Biodynamic Agriculture

This is what GT is all about… this is where we came from. Seeing wineries as more than wine… more like restoration and healing centers. Seriously tho, check out what Brad and Angelina just bought over at Chateau Val Joanis. It’s a , but it also has a vegetable and herb garden, fruit and olive orchards, and some of the best sustainable practices in the world. Biodynamic agriculture is really starting to catch on. I may be crazy, but I’m starting to see wineries as our future farms, and yet so much more.

They’re already pioneers in the practical use of renewable and organic growing. Couldn’t they become the model for that spreads to the cities?… nature to the grid. Producing healthy food and renewable solar, wind, and bio-energy that power the earth. These places could become some of the most spiritual, environmental, and profitable organizations in the world.

Biodynamic wine gets into the approach to agriculture, which is a step beyond organic. It’s built on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner known as anthroposophy, which includes understanding “the ecological, the energetic, and the spiritual in nature.” Sometimes I feel insanely ideological about this type of stuff, especially bc I was into before I ever even thought about wine, but for some reason I see the worlds merging together. There’s something real to this… something tangible that people can touch.

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We know that the crises facing our world are calling for a transcendence in consciousness, but what does that mean? How do people touch that… how do they feel it? I believe wineries that incorporate these philosophies into their practice will create environments that inspire people. International winery tourism is already an astounding figure as is. What if they grew into biodynamic environments that help people feel enlightenment rather than just contemplate it as an intellectual idea. They taste the that’s grown, they see the renewable energy that’s generated, they feel how they’re a part of a greater living system.

I’m still not feelin the word ‘wine’ tho… there’s just too much whining goin on in the world. I do like Elixir. Also, here’s something practical that a friend shared with me. It’s called Outstanding in the Field.

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