Ark Reactor V0.4

FUNCTION: Module development on 10L fermenter

DATE: 12-9-15; FoodTech Connect; Brooklyn

Ark Reactor V0.3

FUNCTION: Modular 10L liquid culture fermenter

DATE: 5-19-15; Maker Faire; San Mateo

Ark Board

FUNCTION: Control board that transmits over BLE to mobile app

DATE: 10-14-14; Atlas Scientific; Brooklyn

Ark Reactor V0.2

FUNCTION: Experimental incubator that controls atmosphere and light

DATE: 5-15-14; Maker Faire; San Mateo

Ark Reactor V0.1

FUNCTION: Optimized production of probiotic tea sold to growers (Data)

DATE: 3-13-13; Sebastopol

After studying fermentation in agricultural communities around the world, we found ourselves running a gorgeous organic farm in Northern California. This is where we began developing bioreactors to grow cells and nutrients.

It was fascinating to work with biology and computing at such an advanced level. More suprisingly though, it was a deeply meaningful and moving experience to work so closely with the cycle of life. After that, we knew we wanted to dedicate ourselves to this work.

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