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5 Reasons You Should Help Save The Environment

5 Reasons We Should Save The Environment

I’m not going to give you the old, if we don’t save the , we’re just signing a death wish for our [great]* grandchildren. I’m just going to list out a couple of reasons I give people during conversations on why we should save the .. here they are:


  1. We would be keeping the bears happy…  I mean seriously.. look at this fellow.  He’s enjoying a little splash in the water without a care in the world.   If we don’t make an effort to save the environment, this is going to be a grumpy bear without any place to go other than your little league baseball bleachers or crashing your back yard.
  2. Prevent extinction – I’m constantly reading about how animals are going extinct.  This isn’t animal gone from the zoo, this is animal species GONE FOREVER!!   If you do a search at iucnredlist.org, you will see that in 2008, they listed 590 species as critically endangered, many with population trends continuing to decrease, and 8 species that were no longer in existance in the wild.  This article about the Monk Seal Extinctiondiscusses the proof that humans are the cause of many of these extinctions.
  3. Keep the planet from melting– The proof keeps stacking up that the planet is warming.  Regardless of whether this is part of a natural cycle or not, the truth is that it is most definitely happening, and that we do contribute in some part.  If we all take some action to reduce our carbon footprint, and it makes the smallest difference.. won’t that mean something?
  4. Save the Rainforest– Deforestation is a huge problem.. Apparently, such a large percentage of the world is in need of food, that we continue to bulldoze the Rainforest to make cow pastures and corn fields… apparently noone pays attention to the fact that we grow all of this corn… TO FEED THE COWS.. maybe we should all just eat corn?   I found this pic which also explains it well..
  5. Make Al Gore happy – Just look at this guy..  do you want his face to get stuck like that?   Well, then do something about it.  The only way he’s going to be happy is if he knows everyone is trying to do something to help our environment.

If you don’t feel incredibly motivated to make 1 simple change to your lifestyle to better the environment, then you better have a good reason!!


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  • ana

    africans do this at the demand of western and eastern communities.