Why Was Cristiano Ronaldo Benched In Portugal vs. Switzerland? Explained

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why was ronaldo benched
Cristiano Ronaldo (Image: Getty Images)

Ronaldo was benched because of an injury. He had suffered a thigh injury in the previous game and was not cleared medically to play in the next game. As a result, Ronaldo was forced to sit out the game to allow his injury to heal.

The injury was a severe one and Ronaldo was advised by medical staff to rest and not play. Playing may have caused further damage to the injury and would have made it even harder to recover. Therefore, the team and medical staff decided to bench Ronaldo to ensure he would be fit to play in the upcoming games.

The injury had a huge impact on Ronaldo’s performance and he was unable to play to his full potential. He was visibly affected by the injury and not able to perform at his usual level. This led to a drop in his performance and the team’s overall performance suffered as a result.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Image: Getty Images)

Furthermore, Ronaldo was benched as a precaution. His injury was serious and the team and medical staff wanted to avoid any further risks of injury. Therefore, it was decided that he should rest and not play in order to protect his health and ensure a full recovery.

Ronaldo’s benching was a difficult decision to make as his presence on the field would have made a huge difference to the team’s performance. However, the team and medical staff felt that the decision was necessary in order to protect his health and

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