Bill Paxton Has Some Of The Best Movies & TV Shows

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Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton (credits: Getty Images)

William Paxton was a famous American actor and filmmaker; his death was surely tragic for his fans and loved ones worldwide. Born on 17th May 1955 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Bill passed away at the age of 61 on 25th February 2017 in LA, California. In 2017, Bill underwent surgery that deteriorated his health. He had a fatal stroke on the 25th, leading to his untimely death.

The 61-year-old actor was first married to Kelly Rowan. They were married from 1979 to 1980. In 1987, he married Louise Newbury, and the couple shares two kids, Lydia and James Paxton. Bill worked in several movies and TV shows during his career, but there are quite a few roles that remain a favorite among the audience.

Weird Science

Starting with Weird Science, the comedy sci-fi movie follows two detested teenagers who create a perfect woman named Lisa. Made with the help of their computer and a little bit of magic, she will help them gain popularity. Bill plays Chet Donnelly in the 1985 movie.


Aliens is a sci-fi action movie directed by James Cameron. Ellen Ripley has been sent to LV-426 planet. She is here to establish contact with a terraforming colony, but her task gets difficult when she meets Alien Queen and her offspring. Bill played the famous role of Pvt. Hudson, in this film, was made with a budget of $18.5 million.

Near Dark

The horror movie Near Dark, released in 1987, follows a cowboy and a vampire. Caleb, the cowboy, is forced to leave his family after he learns Mae is a vampire. Set on a path, following Mae, her gang of vampires, and the evil Severen, Caleb must decide what’s more important to him; his family or Mae. Bill Paxton played Severen.


The 1993 film Tombstone follows Wyatt, who has always lived a difficult life. Tired of dealing with outlaws, he moves to Tombstone, Arizona. He runs into the Cowboys and is tasked to bring peace back to the chaotic town. Directed by George P. Cosmatos and Kevin Jarre, Bill Paxton was seen as Morgan Earp.

True Lies

In the 1994 action comedy film True Lies, a secret agent’s life turns upside down when he discovers his wife is having an extramarital affair. Bill Paxton appeared as Simon in this movie directed by James Cameron.

A Simple Plan

In this thriller crime film, Bill plays the role of an upstanding local, Hank Mitchell, who, along with two other guys, discovers a crashed plane. They devise a simple plan when they find a dead pilot and over four million dollars inside the plane. However, the plan quickly goes wrong, affecting them and everyone around them as well.

Other Roles

In the classic romantic drama Titanic directed by James Cameron, Bill Paxton was cast as Brock Lovett. Bill played Fred Haise in the American space docu-drama Apollo 13, directed by Ron Howard. The film was made with a budget of $52 million and was released on 30th June 1995. In Twister, a movie following a storm chaser and a meteorologist, Bill was seen as Bill Harding, playing the role of the main male character. Directed by Dan Gilroy, in the film Nightcrawler, Bill Paxton plays the role of Joe Loder, a freelance journalist.

Big Love

The American drama TV series Big Love, following Bill, who struggles to keep his three wives and many children happy, was aired on HBO. Bill Paxton played the role of Bill Henrickson, husband, to Barb, Nicki, and Margene, in the show. Bill received three Golden Globe Award nominations for his role as the polygamist character Bill Henrickson. Big Love aired in 2006 and ran till 2011.

Hatfields & McCoys

The American western TV show following the rivalry between the Hatfields and McCoys was aired in 2012. Bill Paxton played the role of Randolph ‘Randall’ McCoy opposite Kevin Costner, who played William Anderson ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfields. Bill was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in this three-episode long show.

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