6 Must Read Romance Novels – Best Recommendations

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We spend half of our days daydreaming about romance novels and half of the time adding every book with a cute cover on our TBR. We are guilty of talking about books more than reading them, but at least all of us readers are together in this. We have often bought a book or read a book because of how cute they looked. Sometimes, the stories are worth it and sometimes we receive disappointment wrapped up in a book with a pretty cover. Sad for the book though because now it must be hidden in the back of our library.

Well, we are talking about cute covers and romance novels because we want to suggest a few books that we read and liked; books that we think you should definitely read. These are books with cute covers and sweet stories that will make you feel good. These are the top books that readers have approved so trust us and these books.

A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime

Wren is beautiful, sweet, smart, and innocent. Everybody loves her, except Crew. At Lancaster Prep, everybody wants to be her friend except Crew. He believes he knows what she truly is, and his views of her aren’t exactly pretty. But, when they are forced to work together in a class, his opinions about her begin to change. She’s not his type but he is drawn to her and he’d do anything to make her fall in love with him too.

Window Shopping

Two weeks before Christmas, Stella finds herself standing in front of the famous Vivant department store. She is alone, looking at the window display of the store when Aiden comes out of nowhere. Seeing her there, he asks her about her opinion on the display. Unaware that Aiden owned the place, Stella shared her unfiltered opinions. Now, she is working for the same man, trying to prove just how good she is at her job. But, of course, there’s a temptation that’s getting too hard to ignore. Who will lose control first?

The American Roommate Experiment

Lucas Martin and Rosie Graham are roommates, not willingly at least. Rosie has a few problems starting with the ceiling of her apartment that literally crumbled on her, to her secret career and creativity block and it all ends up with the man who is her roommate and her friend. Lucas suggests they both share the room. He suggests that he would take her on a few experimental dates to kick start her creativity. He is a nice guy. She has her crush on him in control. But, they only have six weeks together so what will happen next?

The Dating Dare

Tara Park doesn’t do serious relationships. So when a game of truth and dare leads to an arrangement of going on four dates with Seth Kim, she accepts it. Seth leaves for Paris in a month and Tara doesn’t want anything serious. This is a win-win situation for both Tara and Seth. But when the heart comes in the way, who are they to decide who wins this game?

The Proposal

Nikole Paterson didn’t expect her boyfriend of five months to propose to her. And that too, a scoreboard proposal in front of almost 45,000 people? It was beyond her imagination. But, the worst part of it all wasn’t rejecting the guy; it was facing a stadium filled with disappointed fans. Carlos comes to her rescue, pulling her away from a camera crew but things blow up on social media. This begins a new adventure for both of them but one of them has to be smart and put on the brakes before they get carried away.The Kiss Quotient

Stella Lane knows numbers better than anything. She thinks math unites the universe. But it doesn’t help that she has no real-life experience when it comes to relationships, thanks to numbers. So she hires an escort. Michael Phan teaches her everything there is to know about guys and relationships but, what are the chances that the guy ends up being the only one who would ever see how good of a student she is?

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