Wine and Shine

I saw an awesome headline today:

Going Green Reaches Economic Tipping Point at Wine and Shine 2009

Serious implications for vineyards! A few wineries in Cali are supposedly powering their operation from the sun, courtesy of solar installation and financing company, Conergy.

Being a sustainabilty company that started with wine, we’re loving the vibe. Wine and vineyards represent the essence of . Talk to any great winemaker and they’ll tell you they consider themselves part of the process, equal to the sun, the rain, the soil. And that cooperation rather than control is what leads to the magic of wine… we feel it when we taste it. That’s how this going green thing really tips… when people start feeling their connection to the world and to each other. Awareness that we evolved from the earth and we’re here to be part of nature. There’s a deep zen like quality to all of this, seeing a mountain and feeling one with it, equal to it. Part of the same field. Some say “ok, lets be hippies and live in cabins in the woods.” No, that’s not it. To the contrary its this awakening that will inspire us to create the incredible technologies and systems we need to power and renew the world. It’s already happening though. It’s simply our awareness of it that will create a coalescence.

Connectivity, health, and now renewable ? Vineyards are going to be the power stations and spiritual centers of both human and electricity. You feel it?

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