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GrapeThinking in Vinci, Italy

Visit to Vinci

I had a chance to visit Vinci, this past weekend, the hometown of one of GrapeThinking’s great inspirations, . Below, I share my thoughts and sights on his balanced way of thinking and being, leading to unmatched accomplishments in both the arts and sciences. Everything he did was in brilliant harmony, whether it was the science of painting or the of engineering and exploring human anatomy. He was a true master of the mind… and body.

My theory is he used his infinite curiosity as a feedback loop to direct his body, hands, and eyes to work and operate in a balanced fashion (ambidexterity), which resulted in greater structural and energetic harmony between the two sides of his mind. This allowed him to have clear and simple insights into innovation…. lol, I know. Just being there filled me with a type of inspirational energy I’d never felt before.

Odd Art Plaza outside of Museum

Vitruvian Man, the ESSENCE

There was a wedding in Da Vinci’s home the day we were there

Striking view from Da Vinci’s home

Full Moon on the ride home

Vitruvian Man in Vinci

The Vitruvian man

The essence of a human being

Practically you see he’s inside of a cube and a sphere at the same time

It was Da Vinci’s way of saying that the anatomy, the shape, the essence of a man, of a human , of a woman… is perfect.. it’s the essence of the universe… it’s the chiave, the key

It’s probably one of the most well recognized symbols in the world other than the Coca Cola brand

We are here in Vinci, Italia, which is the small town where obviously Leonardo Da Vinci was born and raised, and nurtured his genius

You see right here we’ve got the vigneto, the vineyard, and the olive trees

It’s what the locals here in Italia say is the key to their good health… and good wine


(Wedding cheers)

That’s pretty cool

We’re here at the house where Da Vinci was born.

The greatest genius in the history of humanity… LOL

Where he was born

And of course, we’ve got all the olive trees goin on down here

Lexus and the olive tree

Just had a wedding here

Full Moon

And on the way back from Vinci, we’ve got a little Luna Piena, piena? Luna Piena? (Si)

Luna Piena or Luna Nuda… full moon

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