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melissani.jpgMellisani Underground Lake has only been visible to human beings for the past 50 years, and it was first made so by an earthquake that broke the groundleany.jpg causing the roof to fall away and reveal the water below. Greece can blow one’s mind when one thinks of a civilized cultural history that can be dated back to about 2700 BC, or 4700 years ago. So it takes a visit to such a natural wonder as an underground lake, where a stalactite the size of my arm is 200,000 years old to put human history in perspective. Certainly, after a glass of wine or two the mind can run wild when it tries to go back so far and the best way to unboggle the mind is with a swim. The Ionian sea, slightly warmer than the Aegean, provides crystal clear water in which to swim, and I can honestly say that one of the most picture perfect afternoons of my life was

spent in a town called Assos, after visiting Lake Mellisani and being taken on an underground canoeing excursion. The double-engulfed fishing village provided us with the best octopus in red wine sauce I’ve ever had; and afterward my wife and I spent what must have been hours assos1.jpgswimming in the cerulean blue water, encapsulated on all sides by beautiful moutains and the promise of fabulous Greek food all along the shore. Let’s not forget to mention that the sun only goes down at around 10pm, so after stepping out

of the water at 7pm, there’s 3 hours more sunshine to enjoy in the comfort of

a deck-chair while enjoying yoghurt & honey and a glass of the local wine, Robolla.

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