The Beginning: Taste the Same

Wine is inherently a complex drink whether it be the flavors involved or the stigma those who indulge in wine attach to it. Pushing these presuppositions aside, the staff at is trying to change this by beginning with a few quality and reasonably priced wines for users to rate with their individual and unique palates. Using our 1-of-a-kind, apples to apples rating system, we are able to generate a Taste ID for each user that is used to help people find Taste Budds (people with similar taste profiles). Once matched, your budds’ favorite wines become your new recommendations.

The most important thing to making this technology functional is for people to start off trying the same wines so they can be matched to other people. There are 3 ways to accomplish this goal:

  • Have users go to their local wine retailer and purchase the preselected wine. But everyone knows that drinking alone is no fun so invite some friends over.
  • If one lacks good drinking company, attend a wine meet-up or other social event with wine tasting. A meet-up is an event where those interested in wine (both novice and experienced) and in geographic proximity to one another, get together to share their thoughts and feelings about certain wines. We are actually going to be doing sponsored tastings around the country this summer to get people signed up and tasting the same wines, as well as furthering education of the simple differences between varietals.
  • If you do have a large group of friends who like to drink, you can order a “taste budd” starter package that includes a number of different wines (1 per varietal). This will provide convenience by allowing you to order a “starter kit” straight to your doorstep.

By entering into this “experiment” in wine tasting, you will not only be given suggestions for more wines to try but also contribute to the wine experience of others.


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  • Debbie Cook

    Great…., sent notices to all family members! XO

  • Debbie Cook

    Great…., sent notices to all family members! XO