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In Terms of Pink

Monday, May 5th, 2008

2006 La Ferme Blanche from CassisWhite has certainly ruined many opportunities for roses in the United States. Slowly they are appearing in restaurants and at bars, yet, it is only the brave that are drinking this pink sensation. The rest of us, myself included until recently, don’t want people to believe that we might be drinking White . In reality, the only person that will care, and should care, what you are drinking is you, unless someone else is buying your drink, but that is more geared for the topic of economics, which I won’t be covering here.

I was recently at a wine bar in with friends for dinner. When it came time to order our wine, I was looking at the reds, and by accident I ordered a Cotes-du-Provence thinking it was red. The server came back with our drinks. We had a rainbow of wines sitting on our table, one ordered white, another red, and apparently I ordered a rosé. A bit reluctant at first, I considered sending it back, but quickly remembered the French customer service policy… (more…)

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Backsberg Elbar, 2005

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Anything associated with ‘Back’ be it Charles Back, Backsberg, Fairview, MAN Vintners or Senga Wines is tipped for greatness. I’m out of my league drinking such a , as it runs circles around my 5 year old palate being predominately , with lashings of , a dollop of Mourvedre, essences of , a taste of Petit Verdot and smatterings of and . This is a melange of in one and thus is one to drink with intrigue and wonder, a of such integration is a symbol of the new and a pleasure to drink.

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‘Gnarly Head’ 2004 Old Vine Zinfandels

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Brown Bagging it in Central Park

A good friend of mine was having a bad day recently and I offered to go cheer him up. When one’s been sitting around all day it’s good to get out into the open and go for a walk. With the autumn nip in the air we bundled up and Gnarly Head Zinstarted to journey the 6 or so blocks to Central Park. I didn’t have a lot of cash on me, but decided that nothing heals a bad mood like some comfort accompanied by the nectar of the gods. En Route I stopped into a corner package store and picked up the remarkably priced ‘Gnarly Head’ 2004 Old Zinfandels. I have to say that ever since I saw some of those Old Vines in Lodi, I’ve had a bit of a fetish for zin, those vines really are gnarly! After picking up the Zin we stopped off at the classic and hard to find ‘The Burger Joint’ which is nestled behind the curtains of Le Parker Meridien hotel on 57th Street. Of course, to cheese burger fanatics its no secret that this place does one of the best hamburgers in the world, and at $5 its ant this neet little spot. No frills or garnishing, just a great burger in butcher paper, that’s how it should be. Burgers and in hand we trekked up into Central Park and sat on one of the rocky outcrops overlooking the ice-rink. Sinking our teeth into our sumptuous fast-food delicacies we discreetly took swigs from our little brown bag that sat between us. There’s nothing quite like washing a burger down with the rich spicy notes and luscious layers of bursting berry flavours incumbent to Gnarly Head , elegantly wrapped in a brown paper bag so as to avoid arrest. Dinner and drinks in a classic Manhattan location for under $25.00: unbeatable!

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