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LOHAS Philosophy of the Future

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

LOHAS – Lifestyles of Health and

A on products, services, businesses, organizations, and humanity as a whole that advocates growth and change through systems . I recently found an amazing write up at the LOHAS website how this philosophy will help the business culture of the future.

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

For the last 250 years, we have been living in what Peter Senge calls the ‘industrial age bubble’, based on a ‘take, make, waste’ worldview. Behind this way of life has been a set of attitudes and beliefs about economics, wealth, and business. We tend to think of these beliefs as “common sense”, or even as objective natural law. But in fact, they are received knowledge, the inheritance of centuries of cultural, political, and philosophical tradition. Our way of business is based on learned behavior, not natural law.

With this worldview, we’ve created unprecedented wealth, knowledge and communication. And, we’ve created environmental toxicity, cheap throw away products, denatured industrially-produced food, and a culture of low self-esteem and spiritual poverty.”

So how do we change? How do we grow?

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Women think differently

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I was looking through the Clean Tech group on LinkedIn and found a cool article from Sami Shiro talking a recent law in Norway passed that mandates 40% of all executive boards be women. He went on to discuss how this new way of could help us with our dilemma. By creating a goal if you will, you force/allow the companies to figure out their own way to get there. Sami gave the two examples of businesses and homes becoming carbon neutral by 2020 and 75% of water usage recycled by 2015. Non-compliance would have strict consequences such as mandating homes/businesses to buy appropriate technology to reach the target after a set period of time. In the case of the Norway boards, if they don’t reach their goal in 2 years, the company will be shut down!

I found this fascinating… is our world starting to wake up? Is the man’s way of thinking becoming outdated and even under-evolved? Very linear, physical, territorial, power obsessed… and yet now we’ve reach the edge, we’ve maxed out our world. There’s no more land to take over, nothing left to conquer, nowhere else for people to live, and no more resources to fight over other than oil (and this will be the last hoorah). Something has to change, and it starts with our thinking. I’ve been doing a lot of GT’ing about how that can happen, and the best thing I’ve come up with is a swift shift in global power from male to female.


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Biodynamic Agriculture

Friday, November 28th, 2008

This is what GT is all … this is where we came from. Seeing wineries as more than wine… more like restoration and healing centers. Seriously tho, check out what Brad and Angelina just bought over at Chateau Val Joanis. It’s a , but it also has a vegetable and herb garden, fruit and olive orchards, and some of the best sustainable practices in the world. Biodynamic agriculture is really starting to catch on. I may be crazy, but I’m starting to see wineries as our future farms, and yet so much more.


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Our Google Feedback

Monday, November 24th, 2008

We’ve been getting great Google Feedback ads on the site for the posts recently written. Very exciting bc they’re in exact alignment with the expansion we’ve been working on at GT.

  1. Environmental Capital Partners, a private equity firm that provides long-term capital and management support to leading middle-market companies in the environmental industry.

  3. Lumosity, brain training games to improve memory and attention. Jake turned me on to this earlier this year and we love it. Ironic that it showed up as an ad.

  5. Ideal Bite, offers bite-sized ideas for light green living. Their Daily Tips cover everything from biodynamic wine to organic cosmetics.

  7. Locallectual, a database and community that helps people find local products made closer to home. Shop at local stores, buy local goods, eat local foods.

  9. Green Irene, a trained and certified eco-consultancy that offers Green Home Makeovers and eco-products for your home. They help you cut and utility bills and create a healthier environment for you and your family.


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The Global Brain

Monday, November 17th, 2008

An amazing presentation by Peter Russell. I didn’t know who he was until I recently checked out the website Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. People should start paying attention to this stuff… it can expand your way of , helping you better understand yourself and better connect with the world. A way of and being that brings peace into your life. People like Eckhart Tolle and are other advocates of a coming spiritual renaissance in which we realize collectively that the crisis facing humanity is one of consciousness. And the coming years are going to bring a transcendence that the world has never seen. Nova from Radar Networks writes some awesome stuff this as well. Here’s an article he wrote on How to Build the Global Mind.

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