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Stormhoek Pinotage Couture (Rose)

Friday, September 14th, 2007 Pinotage Rose rocks the party with rock-candy colour intensity, bold cherry and strawberry aroma and a concentrated super juicy fruity palate. Drinking it over ice in a tumbler is a nice touch, and it certainly raises ’s game. This makes my front line.

When it comes to , you should also check out Peter May‘s site at He has written several articles for Grape Thinking, here and here, and we still have 4 more postings on the series. Thanks Peter!

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Because the wine industry needs a kick up the pants

Thursday, May 24th, 2007


So after a year or so of being quiet, Cork’d and its overarching concept have been given much recognition in the past 2 weeks. Gary Vaynerchuck has gone from strength to strength over the past two years, and we can only wait in anticipation to see what he does with Cork’d. Already Cork’d has been tipped as one of the top 10 best designed sites in the world, and as Gary V. is undoubtedly heading toward being one of the most successful players in the industry, the two will surely make a happy union. corkd.png

This year we’ve seen X magazine fall by the wayside, and perhaps Cork’d’ll now rise to fill the niche which X was never quite able to: the community of young, experimental and down to earth consumers.

Grapethinking waits in anticipation for Wine 2.0 where much of the future will be delineated and many partnerships will be forged as a group of young world beaters step up to discuss how things are going to be once direct-shipping laws are loosened and distributors lose their stronghold.

Gary V. has begun to check the boxes needed to ensure his place in history by:

  1. Establishing a reputable, nationwide, tech-driven, with-the-times medium to promote and sell high-class hand-selected wines to the American public at large.
  2. Winning the hearts and minds of the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Eric Asimov, bloggers, Grape Radio and a wide spread of enthusiasts around the country who take his word as gospel.
  3. Purchasing the first community for wine, with cutting edge Web 2.0 design and strong community features. (more…)

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