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The magic is in the juice

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

When I started working in the in the summer of 2007 I knew a few things . First it was exponentially better to drink than the Natural Light my contemporaries were imbibing at the time. It provides a great way to meet women and convince them you’re more sophisticated than you actually are. And finally there was something I desired to learn about culturally, historically and socially; anyone can order a martini and look good doing so but in the of you are constantly finding out new and interesting things. Yet for all the knowledge I thought I had gathered nothing was more humbling than going to work in a store, where the people above you spent most of their lives buying, selling and learning about . From my time with them I’ve learned a lot about spotting good wines.

First of all, labels mean absolutely nothing, so when you go to buy wine don’t even look at the front ignore it, there is more useful information on the back like a good importer. In this era of opulence and visually stimulated purchasing, Louis Vutton and Cadillac, take a more refined and dare I say classier approach. I am reminded of the Tommy Boy with the late great Chris Farley. Tommy is selling Callahan Break Pads; one of his retailers says there isn’t a guarantee on Callahan’s box. Tommy says you can put a guarantee on shit and its still shit, same thing with wine – creative picture means the spent all the money on a and not the . Like a guarantee vs. the actual product. There can and often will be a cute picture on the bottle but the , more times than not, is still absolute Swill (a colloquialism used to describe wine not worth ). (more…)

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In Terms of Pink

Monday, May 5th, 2008

2006 La Ferme Blanche from CassisWhite has certainly ruined many opportunities for roses in the United States. Slowly they are appearing in restaurants and at bars, yet, it is only the brave that are this pink sensation. The rest of us, myself included until recently, don’t want people to believe that we might be White Zinfandel. In reality, the only person that will care, and should care, what you are is you, unless someone else is buying your drink, but that is more geared for the topic of economics, which I won’t be covering here.

I was recently at a wine bar in with friends for dinner. When it came time to order our wine, I was looking at the reds, and by accident I ordered a Cotes-du-Provence thinking it was red. The server came back with our drinks. We had a rainbow of wines sitting on our table, one ordered white, another red, and apparently I ordered a rosé. A bit reluctant at first, I considered sending it back, but quickly remembered the French customer service policy… (more…)

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Stormhoek Pinotage Couture (Rose)

Friday, September 14th, 2007

http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/003882.htmlStormhoek Pinotage Rose rocks the party with rock-candy colour intensity, bold cherry and strawberry aroma and a concentrated super juicy fruity palate. it over ice in a tumbler is a nice touch, and it certainly raises ’s game. This makes my front line.

When it comes to , you should also check out Peter May‘s site at http://pinotage.org. He has written several articles for Grape Thinking, here and here, and we still have 4 more postings on the series. Thanks Peter!

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Sancerre Rose Gaspard de la Thaumassiere

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

sancerre.jpgPeople will take some time to start . I think perhaps the solution will be to display the bottle visibly on the table, lest anyone think you’re drinking White ! This is the year will take off in the US, and there’s going to have to be some shelf-space cleared. One of my preferred Roses is a , as they usually combine the candied fruit together a refreshing off-dry profile and some faint plumb traces. I think that South Africa may just find its foothold in , or at least it has all the potential to.

I’m heading off to Greece in a little bit, and just to take the edge off thinking packing etc. headed down to pick up a bottle, and was forced to compromise and buy a Pinot Noir Rose from Sancerre. In the way Pinot Noir is, the rose smelled like a rose-petal rosary I once bought in Jerusalem, coupled with a light redcurrant note. Its pink-grapefruit blush was magnificent, and all in all this is a perfect to include in your summer drinking.

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