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Terracycle Pioneers Eco-Capitalism

Monday, October 13th, 2008

These guys are “growing a better world” and in essence pioneering . I’m convinced this is going to sweep the nation and the world and become the new evolved form of economics and governance. Terracycle collects and buys all types of waste products that would otherwise go into a landfill, and then upcycles these resources into new products that can be reintroduced into the marketplace and sold for a profit. It’s so simple, and yet the way it should be. No more landfills, no more waste, no more garbage… no more linear supply chain. Create a renewable world! This is what the movement of our times is all about. You gotta love the current crash… beyond the short term pain, it’s going to give us the much needed humility and clarity that we so desparately need to become enlightened to the harmony that exists between man and nature.


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