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Tasting (aka Rager)

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

As one moves on from Undergraduate to Young Business Professional, or YBP as we say at Harvard, it is important to hold on to social conventions once so prevalent in the arena, and whiledrinking-red-wine.jpg 10:30am red-eye liquor parties or red wine-white t-shirt bashes are no longer acceptable to the population that inhabit the ‘real world’ there are pleasant, intellectually superior substitutions. For example The Snobbish Wine (important to replace ‘’ for ‘rager’–respectability issue)– a great way to meet neighbors, colleagues, and most importantly women, in an informal social atmosphere. In this environment you are able to gracefully execute whatever lessons you have retained from 4 years of incessant drinking and socializing. Here are a few tips for hosting your own wine :


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