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Wine is perfect for Gifting!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Ever heard the saying ‘give and you shall receive’? Well it works. Giving is how we bond, and those that give the most with genuine care are usually the ones that reap the most benefit out of life. I love this cool site, Gift Tree, you can send your friends or family gift baskets of flowers, & champagne, gourmet food, spa accessories, baby stuff. You can pretty much find anything for any special occasion.

We’re obviously most interested in the wine gift baskets. It seems that they have a really good selection for reasonable price. My favorite is the California Comforts wine gift basket, which includes a bottle of 2006 Mirassou Pinot Noir (which is an amazingPinot Noir for the price — its our Pinot Noir Taste ID wine, btw) along with Camembert cheese and crackers, Jordan almonds, Almond Roca, and chocolate bon bons. This would make for an amazing picnic on the beach. And we all know that the biggest problem with having wine shipped to your house is the ridiculous shipping premium, which makes you say screw it, I’ll go down the street and buy it. But with these gift baskets, with the delicacies already put together, it makes it worth the price.

The California Comforts basket is $49.95 plus $11.95 standard shipping and an extra $20 bucks to get it there overnight. That puts it up over $80, but its ok if it serves as an entertaining picnic for you and friends. I’m really looking forward to seeing how companies like this progress over time as logistics become optimized.

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