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Ken Forrester 2007, Petit Chenin, South Africa

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

ken-forrester.gifHallelujah for Chenin Blanc. So many people gave up on this varietal, not realizing, that much like Pinotage, it just needs a little TLC. My wife and I were in Paris earlier in the year, and went to the Sunday Market near Bastille to a Foie Gras stall. I purchased myself some of the prized pate, and have been keeping it in the fridge ever since. Anyhow, I’d been waiting for the right moment and the right company to put some Sauterne in the chiller and whip open the Foie Gras and turn myself into a Domestic God. But it couldn’t wait – upon tasting the Ken Forrester 2007 Petit Chenin, with its mild acidity, and soft delicate flavours, I knew it was perfect for the Foie Gras, and it was 100%, to my mind, the right choice. Many of the wines served in France with Fois Gras are a little too sweet, but the Petit Chenin was lip smackingly good. Perhaps Mr. Forrester should start farming ducks.

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