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iPhone – a week down the line

Friday, July 6th, 2007

iphone-and-jobs.jpgA friend of mine in New York has had his iPhone for a week already, and he’s ready to give it up. Not because he’s unhappy with it… but because he’s irritated how interested other people seem to be with it. At the best of times in Mega-cities people tend to ignore each other, but the possessor’s of the iPhone have found complete strangers coming to them and asking questions, wanting to hold it and constantly looking over their shoulders to see what they’re doing.

We can be sure that such interest is indicative of a sea-change, as people are gearing up to be constantly plugged in. Apple has dropped the word ‘computer’ from it’s name – and as the iPod has become a phone, and that phone has become an web-browser, this year will surely be remembered as the year the iPhone was launched for a long time coming. But what does this have to do with wine… a lot.


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