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Wine Ferraris

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I once heard a winemaker say ‘you can’t make a Ferrari out of materials only fit for a Ford.’ similiar has been tried) Fordist mentality relies on abundance of resources, production lines and rapid turnout, and in many cases, especially in floundering economies, fordism can squeeze out the craftsman, who takes greater care with less material to provide a superior product.

It is little wonder then, that New Zealand, with its renowned natural magnificence and limited space that by nature rules out the very possibility of mass-production is the home to many ‘wine Ferraris’ if I may call them that. However, unlike Ferrari or many other limited goods, everyone can afford New Zealand wine. New Zealand Wine Distribution Company is a true testament to the harmony of the country, in that it is a consortium of winemakers who band together to export their small parcels of wine in a single consolidated container. Through them I’ve had the diversity of being exposed to a side of New Zealand that I hadn’t really found through conventional methods. I’d just thought of New Zealand as cat’s pee, pink grapefruit and limited production Pinot Noir that’s hard to come by.

But would you believe that some of the finest Gewürz, Riesling and Pinot Gris I’ve sampled this season have all come for New Zealand?

What New Zealand does to is geo-gastronomic (if I can coin a phrase) proof of terroir, and the proof is on the palate. course, it would be cruel to wax too lyrically about NZWC because they’re not in the US yet. In effect these wines are too limited in production, and at current the cost of coming to market in the USA is just not feasible for many other such producers. And unfortunately, until there’s a better way for these wineries to market and sell their wine more effectively, the US oenophile who can’t afford to travel will never get to experience them.

So I won’t talk too much about it… for now, you can just go down to Kroger and Publix and buy the same wine that some stressed out smokes-a-pack-a-day jaded corporate buyer has selected for you and every other Joe in the country to taste. But don’t worry, it won’t be for too much longer.

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