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The Loss of a Legend

Thursday, March 8th, 2007


One of California’s legends, Ernest Gallo, passed away on Tuesday. E & J Gallo Winery, founded shortly after prohibition brought American wine to the world and brought wine to all of America. The renowned Gallo sales-training, which I’ve heard referred to as ‘wine boot camp’ created a generation of Americans in the know and passionate about wine and was undoubtedly the catalyst which ignited the wine industry in the US.

Two out of every three bottles of wine sold in the USA are Californian and one out of every four carries the Gallo label. There is very little that we should take for granted regarding Ernest Gallo’s legacy, Gallo were the first wines to suggest food pairings on the bottle, which is now an industry standard. With the United States as the largest consumer in the world, and many countries having the US as their number one export destination, we can be sure that vineyards, winemakers and wine lovers around the world will take pause from their days to be thankful that such a man ever walked the earth.

For those wishing to express their gratitude and leave their condolences, an online Legacy Book has been created in his honour.

Ernest Gallo, Grape Thinking salutes you.

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