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Direct to Trade w/ distributor

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Current laws allow wines to be shipped direct-to-trade IF a distributor is involved in the transaction. The distributor is responsible to pay the taxes, and…well, thats it. A virtual inventory portfolio is – all of the wines, that a distributor represents, in the direct-to-trade markets.

Supplier’s take their inventory, and place it in a fulfillment/distribution warehouse, where it is kept on consignment basis. (technically, this could be the distributor’s warehouse) The supplier is responsible for shipping it to the warehouse, and is responsible for all the costs of warehousing the wine. When a trade order is placed for the wine, it ships directly from this fullfillment center to the restaurant/specialty shop/retailer. Once the wine is delivered, the monies to cover the taxes are then transferred to you, the distributor, along with a ‘virtual portfolio handling fee of $3-$5 / case. (more…)

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Building a Direct Sales Vehicle pt. 2

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Sales Engine

We recently started a series on getting your online sales vehicle rolling. Today, we are going under the hood to talk about the e-commerce engine used to power your shopping cart. At Grape Thinking, we have an established relationship with Inertia Beverage Group, as Paul, Andrea, and crew, in our humble opinions, have the best grasp and influence on the changes in the and are truly “Powering the Wine Revolution”. As such, they rank as our recommended engine.

So, what does this sales engine do exactly? As a winery, it has the vital role of coordinating the sales request between your customer and their bank, your fulfillment center and your bank.

A good engine should: (more…)

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Affiliate Marketing – The Receiving End

Monday, July 16th, 2007

LinkShare  Referral  PrgIf you own a website or a blog, it’s a hard feeling to beat when you receive your affiliate payments. Of course, it is always important that you set-up affiliate networks with products/services/companies that you trust and ideally use yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a service such as LinkShare. LinkShare allows you to choose who you will be advertising for, as they have a huge selection of merchants. Once you sign up, which is a very easy process, you can do a search “google style” or browse through their selection of merchants by category or product. You are then forwarded to a page to accept the terms and agreements for that particular merchant, and review their fees. Afterwards, you can then review the many options that you have for banner ads and links.

Now… here comes the fun part. Getting YOUR link out, and turning that funny looking bit of text into revenue to use for dinner and a movie. Here are some things that can help:

  • Write a blog post, incorporating your new affiliate link
  • Place the banner ads in rotation on your site
  • Seek out people who need your product (forums and other blogs)
  • Run a viral campaign based around one of your affiliates (We can help here!!)
  • Don’t forget to include links in your newsletters
  • Create an additional page on your site listing all of your affiliates, and why you chose them

Most importantly, remember that when you send people to someone else’s website you are laying out your reputation. Don’t be an affiliate just for the money, make sure you would actually use the product or service.  Check out our some examples by doing a search at TasteVine.

If your trying to sell your wine online, check out this post on “Building a Direct Sales Vehicle

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Thank you for the referral …

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

TeambuildingIf you have a product or a service that you offer, chances are you want to use every method possible to spread the word. You have many options to broaden your client/customer base, including one of the most popular, and a service we offer – viral marketing. Affiliate Networking is a type of viral , it serves as great linkbait for viral campaigning, and even better, it acts as an entire sales team motivated and working to build your business. The affiliate broadcasts your product to their entire audience, and you have no ongoing marketing costs unless there is a sale.

Using an affiliate system is a very simple piece of the marketing puzzle… all you need is a website and something to sell.

Here is an overview of the process:

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Camelopards and 3-Tiered Change

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Have you ever seen a camelopard? I can tell you now that you have: it was just by a different name, Giraffe. I’ve just finished reading Zarafa, Michael Allin’s remarkable tale of a 19th Century Giraffe, sent from northern Sudan to the heart of Paris as a gift. The Parisians, having never seen such a thing, called it a ‘camelopard’ because it had a head like a camel and the spots of a leopard; whilst others mistook it for some kind of tall horse. A book which traces the cultural history of the giraffe is called ‘Tall Blondes‘, by Lynne Sherr, which looks at the cultural history of the giraffe as an object of public fascination. As a result, giraffes were sent around the world by African kings as gifts, and the tradition dates all the way back to 270 BC. Can you imagine seeing a giraffe if you had never seen such a thing before? It must have been amazing. (more…)

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