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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

People often talk about the glamor of travel, going from city to city, seeing new sites and being on the road all seem to be the key associations with the notion that leads girls to swoon when you say you have a ‘traveling job. Absent from the minds of these swooning romantics is the grim reality that has become the airport. I love getting on airplanes, its one of the most exciting things to me… but the airports! No matter how many times you fly you still get the third degree from the high-class individuals who spend their days behind X-Ray machines ordering strangers to practically strip into their underwear, wanding down bodies, ordering laptops out of cases and testing my bag and its associated fibers for explosive material. I feel that if there is such a thing as criminal profiling, can’t there be a counter measure of innocence profiling?

Five years ago I was with my friend Danny at the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth on the 11th of September, away from our Israeli Kibbutz, and when I saw the news of the twin towers on CNN I had no idea that it would be the perpetual cause of me having to wait in long queues all over the USA, standing in my socks and being told I would have to also remove my belt and watch.

Generally if one is traveling on business it’s easier not to check baggage to expedite the whole process of disembarking and getting to wherever you’re going. What this has to do with wine you may ask is a very good question, and in actual fact it has to do with a lot of debate in the wine industry that I will touch on shortly. You see, we wine people carry a key item on us at all times and being caught without it is not an option… the corkscrew.

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