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Wine Proof Pants

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

On a recent to the Benicassim Festival in Spain, I purchased a pair of quick-dry camping pants from Titanium for the trip. Walking to outside the festival grounds and sitting on our back-packs whilst waiting for the campsite to open, we took the opportunity to crack a bottle of we’d got on RENFE (a quick note on RENFE – if you’re on the site and can’t select English you need to select the drop-down labelled Seleccione su Idioma to make it so, which means you have to speak to get the site into English, go figure!)

Red is a perfect libation for festivals – primarily because it doesn’t need to be kept cold; it doesn’t lose its fizz and if you’re wine locally produced its dirt and super-good. Within minutes of popping the however I’d managed to spill the Rioja on my new pants and was questioning the merits of wine in a situation where a shower is hard to find… when suddenly, with a splash of from my water bottle – the wine was gone. Brilliant! Wine proof pants – what more could a young wine-lover at a festival wish for? I reckon the pants specifically as wine-proof and selling it at Bonnaroo could be a good gig.


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2004 Can Blau Montsant

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

I brought a bottle of this home the other night, opened it, poured two glasses, left them in the kitchen and stepped in to have a shower. When I emerged I found that my wife had come home. She was sitting on the couch in the living room with a glass of the Can Blau in her hand- she smiled, looked at me and raised the glass saying ‘I didn’t know could be like this.’ To be honest this is like nothing I’ve ever experience before (I’m only 23, but I’ve had my share of ) it’s colour and texture are like deep velvet, the nose boasts raspberry and mulberry richness which follows through into a sour-cherry entry and a seamless, lingering finish. I have to agree with my wife, except I remove the ‘’ part. I never knew wine could be like this.

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