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Au revoir à Paris with a Cremant d’Alsace

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Crement in ParisWell my time here in is over and what better may to go than with sparkling , a Cremant d’Alsace. Cremant goes through the same process, as except there is one difference, location. In and all of Europe for that matter, wine cannot be legally called unless it is in fact from . Sparkling wines from outside in France will usually go by Cremant. Of course there are going to be slight differences in taste due to the terrior. Sparkling wine is popped during times of . This is the end of a great three months and the start of something new as I move to Long Island’s wine country.

I chose this wine because with the unofficial start of summer Alsace is perfect. The white wines here are well known with the Rieslings and Gewurztraminers, and their sparkling wines prosper as well. Another key point is these wines are not expensive at all. Alsace is respected but it doesn’t have the same prestige as Champagne, Burgundy, or Bordeaux. This is great for you. In the US a typical bottle will be between $12 to $20. (more…)

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Adventures in Champagne and Burgundy

Monday, May 19th, 2008


I recently traveled to Reims, and to Dijon and Beaune in Burgundy. Reims and Epernay are the two big cities in that attract tourists. Reims was an enjoyable city to walk the streets with cafes lining pedestrian only walkways and a glass of in hand. The cellars were informative but you certainly don’t have to continue from one house to another, you will be receiving the same information at all. For most houses you need an appointment, which gave me the feeling of not being welcomed. should not just be for a certain group of people that can fit the schedule. We were able though to get an appointment at Pommery and then we continued to Taittinger where there were no appointments necessary.The two tours if combined would have been spectacular, but where one lacked the other lacked information. After the tour you are given a glass of Champagne, well actually you paid for it with admission. Most houses are 10 euros, so put a few tours together in one day that will tell you the same information, then you have just wasted a lot of money. Instead I would recommend going to one house and then heading over to a café and popping a bottle and just enjoy your surroundings.

The next stop on the trip was Dijon in Burgundy…

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Champagne – A New Year Tradition

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Champagne's History - The New Years TraditionWhen buying a bottle of , if the label says from “Champagne, “,“methode traditionelle”, or “Méthode Champenoise”, the is in fact truly a “Champagne“. All other wines are “Sparkling Wine”. While this does sound somewhat snobbish and aristocratic, it does serve a good purpose in protecting the brand of the area. Another example of this type of “rule” that you may be more familiar with is the Vidalia Onion, which you can easily cook with champagne, or sparkling wine, to create some great hors d’oeuvres for this .

You have to check out these Champagne Onion recipes we found over at The Gilded Fork. I’m going to make them tomorrow, and have a good idea at the different flavors I can create by using different combinations of sparkling wine and onions. (more…)

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Bring on Bubbles

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

1160gif.jpgIt has been said, apparently by Madame Cliqueot, that ‘of , in times of victory we deserve it… and in times of defeat, we need it.’ So put simply, ’s a drink for any occasion.

So many people I know want to drink sparkling more often. There’s something about that crisp smell of brioche, the tiny little bubbles which well up against the tongue and the refreshing and unmistakeably classy finish of a méthode champenoise wines that seem to elevate the mood and get one into a good mood. Red is simply not a cocktail beverage, and it can be a bit heavy going to have more than a glass in the absence of food. While white always suits me fine, many of my friends crave bubbles at a club. Everyone looks and feels good holding a champagne flute, as opposed to say, a beer bottle or a rum & coke in a highball glass.

It’s a pity that wine marketers have not picked up on this. While Coppola has attempted, by putting their method champenoise into a pink tin with a straw, this completely overlooks the huge potential male market who are even less likely to order a pink tin of sparkling wine than they are a bottle from Reims.

Greg and I visited J Winery in Russian River just last week, and were both well impressed by their champagne which boasts a zest and floral nose with a rounded and cream entry finished with a ginger zing.

Some other recommend sparkling wines that wont make you broke:

25364.jpgJacquart Mosaïque, Graham Beck Brut, Nicolas Feuillatte and Lanson Black Label Brut.

We can only hope that marketers will bring more of this stuff into a party setting and target it at the younger generation. Down with wine-coolers and long live sparkling wine!

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We often learn more from the bad than the good

Friday, December 1st, 2006

If you’re a consumer, you’ll no doubt have been questioned about the differences between good and bad . Many a time I’ve found myself opposite a person sucking on a Marlboro between slugs from a crystal flute of , and without fail they mention that they can’t tell the difference between one and the next and that they’re sure the whole thing is a hoax. Almost always, one finds these guys spouting such nonsense whilst eyeing out the waitress as if trying to bring the canapés in their direction by telekinesis and at the same time grumbling out loud that they wished there was some hard tack at hand. To such a person, one would have to agree,

if you’re trying to get drunk and sleep with cocktail waitresses, then there really is no difference between the wines you choose. Wine’s alcohol volumes vary at a maximum of 3%, and if you’re out to get drunk you should just hit the cheap stuff. Don’t even worry about getting a bottle, some places do bag in the box without the box, and what it may lack in style, it sure makes up for in price.

However, cheap wine is not just for students and desperate men looking to gain some confidence to proposition the waitress, I would put forward that there’s a lot to be learned from the real el’cheapo stuff. In fact, (more…)

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