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Live Earth – and did you know that drinking wine can help decrease your carbon footprint?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

What a weekend. Wimbledon Tennis final (go Federer and welcome back Venus); the Tour de France starting for the first time ever in London and of course Live Earth all over the world. As for Greg and I, amidst it all we were rooting for our man Al Gore as he continues to launch his book ‘The Assault on Reason’ and spread the good word about the need to conscientiously and actively protect our environment. How he manages to remain so calm and composed in the face of such stubbornness and obstinacy is beyond me – but I really think that these ideas are beginning to take root, and as Gore says, if the Internet had been as powerful as it is today, 5 years ago, Bush wouldn’t be in power and America would have stayed in Afghanistan and not gone on to invade Iraq. But, as a consolation prize to all we reasonable beings – at least we live in interesting times.

Do you read www.treehugger.com – if not, I seriously recommend visiting it on a weekly basis. It’s packed with well informed and easily digestible factlets, and is a good way to not only keep informed – but to learn how to make a difference.


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