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Happy Birthday America!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

For all of our readers in the United States, Friday is the Independence Day. For most, this means a day off of work 🙂 and an opportunity to relax, get some sun, , bbq, grill up some Brats (NOTE: do NOT poke a hole in them while you’re grilling), and drinking beer, Red Zinfandel and Champagne while we get ready for the evenings fireworks.  When the fireworks finally arrive, we’ll most likely be with family and friends contributing to the choir of fireworks with our ooh’s and ahhh’s.

If you are in the mood for traveling, or nearby, you should probably set your sites on one of these cities, as they we’re recently ranked The Top 10 Places to Celebrate July 4th:

1. Boston
2. Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard
3. Chicago
4. Mount Rushmore
5. Philadelphia
6. Queen Mary 2
7. San Diego
8. San Juan Islands
9. US Virgin Islands
10. Washington, DC

Enjoy a safe 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!


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4th of July

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

On today, the 4th of July 2007, I find myself wondering what it means to be American. Combing the web for some answers I didn’t find too much, everyone seemed to use the word ‘free.’ But a lot of people are free, or have freedom without being American. Being American is not encapsulated in being free because as a society the Dutch are actually far freer. What’s more, the Dutch are free from war; there have been no terrorist attacks against them, and thus they’re free from fear, which is perhaps the greatest freedom of all.

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